Book Launch For Cosmic Decay: Contamination

If you read my first blog post here on This Side of Sanguine you will know that I am a horror/science fiction author who has released my first novel Cosmic Decay: Contamination earlier this year. It took two years to write and edit my labor of love that combines zombies and aliens in a unique dystopian future, and it took a further year to publish the novel through Gray Sky Publishing. Cosmic Decay: Contamination is the first in a three-part novel series and as I continue to write the sequel I thought it would be a wonderful time to revisit the book launch I had for Cosmic Decay: Contamination back in February. The event was hosted at Beyond Q Bookshop in Curtin here in Canberra and was heav

Meet Christine McConnell - The Scream Queen of Baking

When I first discovered the amazing baked goods of Christine McConnell I knew this was a woman who was speaking my language. Dressed to the nine's like a classic 1950's housewife, Christine McConnell has made a name for herself recreating decadent desserts based on horror and sci-fi remnants, including Alien, Ghostbusters, and Stranger Things. However, she does also engage in amazing spooktacular photoshoots and creates her own out of this world delights. Check out some of her work below, and make sure to check out her Instagram and purchase her book here. All photos taken from Christine McConnell's Instagram

Hosting A Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is one of the quintessential Halloween activities, and I decided to go all out in my Halloween celebrations this year and host a pumpkin carving on October 31st. I expected it to be very difficult, and was actually so surprised at not only how easy it was to do, but also how much of an social gathering it can be! Not only it is it a fun and craft activity to do, but it’s a great way to keep the spirit of Halloween while you wait for trick or treaters. Here are some handy tips for you to host your own Halloween pumpkin carving for next year, and check out the pumpkins we put together this year: Invest In The Right Tools There are certain items that you are going to need to get

The Canberra Zombie Walk For The Brain Foundation

To continue in the 2017 Halloween celebrations, my friend Mark and I decided to partake in the Canberra Zombie Walk. Zombie Walks are happening all around the world, and basically constitute a horde of people getting dressed up as zombies, complete with horrifying makeup, and going on "walk" (or stumble, run etc) around overpopulated areas. This year, the Canberra Zombie Walk was aimed for walkers to raise money for The Brain Foundation, which a registered charity dedicated to funding research into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries. The walk raised more than $2,000 for The Brain Foundation, and a horde of almost 200 people gathered to walk the streets of the Canberra C

What I Learnt Watching A Horror Movie A Day During The October Challenge: 31 Horror Movies

To help celebrate Halloween 2017, I set myself a goal to watch a different horror movie every day for the month of October (you can find the list of movies here). In all honesty I was hoping it would kick my writers block in the face and get me into the second half of the Cosmic Decay sequel I stopped writing. Instead it actually helped me realise a few things about myself and the world around me. Here are a few things I learnt while watching a horror movie a day for a month: It’s a great conversation starter for single people They say that watching horror movies are an aphrodisiac, generally due to the 1950’s pretense of the woman being scared as all hell that she would cling to her date an

October Challenge: 31 Horror Movies - The Ones That Made The Cut

In celebration of the spookiest month of the year, I set myself a challenge to watch a horror movie every day for the month of October. I ended up watching 31 movies and surrounded myself in a month’s worth of blood, gore, tacky one-liners, unnecessary female nudity that seems to come with horror films, and screams of “don’t go up there!” Out of the list of horror movies I watched (which can be found here) there are definitely a few that really made the cut - so to speak. Here is my October Challenge Award Winners, and some of these main contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the movies yet: Best Death Scene In A Horror Movie: Mike in Tucker And Dale Vs Evil Watching 31 horror movies means

Advanced Screening Of Jigsaw With Studio Canal and Limelight Cinemas

As a writer at the blog HerCanberra I am lucky enough to be sent some pretty cool perks, but this Halloween, with my "resident horror expert" status, I was lucky enough to be sent on an exclusive media screening to the brand new Jigsaw movie. The media screening was the first ever shown in Australia (so we got to see it first out of the whole country!) and was hosted by Limelight Cinemas in Canberra thanks to Studio Canal. Now I only started watching the Saw series as part of my 31 Day Horror Movie Challenge throughout October, and by the time we had watched the first and second one, I realised that there was way too many Saw movies in total to watch within the challenge (lest it become the

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