Killing It At The Alison Wonderland Scarehouse Warehouse Project

Music is my therapy. A beat can reverberate through me and take me to a better place and a single lyric can have me feeling all the feels. When I went through the hardest time of my life it was music that got me through – screaming out the lyrics to my favourite Starset songs as I drove along in my Scream Demon (ie. my little maroon Nissan Micra) or listening to new tunes with a friend in the sun. So it was no surprise that it became my mission to attend as many music festivals as I possibly could, in a chase for the feeling of freedom. So when Australian DJ Alison Wonderland announced a new festival style tour with a gothic heart I knew it was an event I could not pass up. The Wonderland Wa

Meet The Swim Reaper

I am obsessed with Instagram. I try and post something onto the social media account every day and I must admit I specifically booked an AirBnB apartment on a recent trip to Vietnam based on the Instagram worthiness of it's rooftop pool. I use it as a photo diary of all the fun things I do, the people I see and the social interactions I have, and as a way to chronicle my feelings and share my favourite songs that may mean the world to me at that moment in time. Not everyone uses Instagram in the same way. Some make their livings off of it by travelling the world, taking amazing photos and selling places and items. Some use it as a way to share fitness goals and ideas, and some use it as insp

If You're Not In Costume, Don't Bother Attending...

As both a themed party planner and a resident horror expert, it should come to no surprise that I will go all out when it comes to costume parties – for Halloween, or for any other occasion. I love dressing up as characters in pop culture that I have an affinity with and characters that I admire – so usually it’s bad ass females or crazy horror characters. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite costumes over the years, including Catwoman, Lara Croft, A Zombie, A Voodoo Doll, A Teen Werewolf, Sookie Stackhouse from the TV show True Blood, The Bride of Chucky, and Team Rocket's Jesse from Pokemon. Obviously how good I look gets better as I get older! If you want more information

Sacrificing Toby With Wicked Clothing

If you’re a bit of an Instagram addict like I am you will most likely have seen a brand new clothing collection from the United States circulating your news feed; a brand called Wicked Clothing. Marketed as “dark humour on soft shirts” and “perfect for the modern witch” Wicked Clothing has got it right. There is a series of different collections, ranging from feminism and political notions to sketched skulls and animated conspiracy theories, but the most popular range has to be the 80’s style vintage ringer shirts (more popular in white with red rings, but some designs are available in black and tie-dye as well). The shirts are designed with classical “teach your children” drawings, but feat

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