5 Movies To Watch If You Love Zombies

Did you catch the article I wrote previously about 4 TV Show To Watch If You Love Zombies? Well if you’re like me and you love zombies in all forms of media then boy do I have a treat for you! If you don’t want to necessarily sit down and binge-watch hours and hours of zombie related TV shows than cuddle up and pop one of these movies on instead for the ultimate scare fest! Shaun of the Dead The movie poster of Shaun of the Dead gets me every time! This great horror comedy stars British comedian Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two down and out roommates going through the motions of a mundane life until one day the entire community turns into zombies. In an attempt to turn his life around, win b

Why Supernatural Is The Best Horror/ Sci Fi TV Show Around

Supernatural is my favourite TV Show, and with thirteen seasons, 287 episodes and counting, and a whole army of fangirls, it seems that I am not the only one. It's been going since 2005, is the longest running science fiction show since The X Files, and it has a solid family fanbase that connects the stars with their fans and tackles real world problems like mental health. Here are some of the reasons why Supernatural is the best horror/sci fi since Cosmic Decay: Contamination: 1. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki Are The Hottest Guys On The Silver Screen I was hooked into Supernatural from the very beginning and it was all thanks to Jensen Ackles. Yes, that is right - I am a Dean girl. But

In A World Of Prince Charmings Find Your Gomez Addams

“Look at her, I would die for her; or I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss” – Gomez Addams, The Addams Family I’m not big on romance – in fact, I tend to shy away from it. I’m not big on being sent flowers, I don’t generally engage in much PDA and I’m not swooning over rom coms. That doesn’t mean that I’m not affectionate – when I care I give it my all – but when quoting 1 Corinthians 13: and claiming that “faith, hope and love; the greatest of these is love” I don’t agree (You don’t agree with the bible? What?! Gasp! Heathen!). As you can tell by new last name I chose to believe that hope is a stronger belief system because without hope for the future you have nothing. But of course

Chainsaws In The Zombie Apocalypse: Intimidating or Incompetent?

I’m a 90’s kid, so I grew up playing infinite rounds of Nintendo 64 with my brother and my father. My favourite game was always Conker’s Bad Fur Day because the characters were so damn cool (Berri in the matrix level is the best!) and getting drunk and peeing on rock people was legitimately part of the game play. In fact, I love Conker’s Bay Fur Day so much that for the last seventeen years the Rock Solid soundtrack has woken me from slumber every day. Not only have I brought the Rock Solid tune with me everywhere I go, it was also Conker’s Bad Fur Day that gave me the strong love for chainsaws that I have today. When playing multi-player battles, I would ALWAYS play the Tediz (Hello? Nazi s

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