Anatomy Of A Horror Movie

As you may have noticed, horror movies tend to follow a particular formula when it comes to characterisation and storylines, especially classic horror masterpieces and slasher flicks. Despite characters being in different scenarios, locations and being hunted by different killers, the classic horror trope will generally follow a particular notion that is sure to get audiences every time, utilising jump scares and classic movements. This is why in practically every horror movie there is usually one big breasted bimbo running upstairs when she should be running out the door. Horror fans love the familiarity of these characters – it makes a slasher predictable, and the movie entertaining. In th

A History of Evil Clowns

I have a thing about Evil Clowns. I find them so absurdely fascinating that I will probably die at the hands of one - I'll be so overcome by how freakin' cool the clown it is that I won't realise that it IS actually evil and it will hack me to death. Now clowns weren’t always evil – Their origins can be taken back years and years to the times of old court Jesters in medieval courts entertaining the kings and queens. There was talk that there was a court clown called YuSze back in ancient imperial China, and even a Pygmy clown who performed for Egyptian pharaohs 1. Like everything they evolved over time into black and white artists performing pantomimes or oversized comics ringed in gaslight

Daring To Be Different: Why The Evil Dead Can't Be Beaten

There are many horror movies that become instant classics - those that are so far ahead of the time they were created that they are prized for bringing much needed value to the genre. It could be for production value, story ideas, unique killer, or even for the sheer entertainment of it, but movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Omen, Pyscho, and Children on the Corn become so paramount for revolutionising horror that all other projects after them pay homage to these die-hard horror classics. While those listed are all definetly horror classics, a cult classic tends to be adored by certain audiences - those whose tastes are usually a little wackier, and

Meet LeeAnna Vamp - The Ghoul Of Your Dreams!

Sexy girls in horror are not unusual - there is usually at least one buxom blonde running up the stairs instead of out the door - but LeeAnna Vamp is not your usual horror girl, The "Ghoul Of Your Dreams" and "Your Best Nightmare" LeeAnna Vamp is a media sensation with the creation of her own online projects such as Best Friends Forever, Talk Nerdy To Me, Fright Night Show, and Star Wars Girls. As a self-confessed pop culture nerd LeeAnna Vamp loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror genres and focuses her movie and modelling projects on her love for Halloween. Also known as the "Vamptress" LeeAnna is a "seductress, a woman thank knows her power, is alluring and enchanting" and she is my absolute ho

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