Ignite Your Imagination With These Three Horror Novels

I love reading and writing horror stories, and as my favourite and specialist genre I have devour hundreds of horror stories by some of my favourite horror writers over time. Here are the top three that are so imaginative and so emotive that these books will keep you up at night: The Taking By Dean Koontz The Taking is not only my favourite horror novel, but it is also my favourite novel ever. Written by suspense thriller American novelist Dean Knootz, who follows Stephen King closely as one of the best American horror writers in the world, The Taking is as perfect a horror story as you can get. It's a perfect horror because it incorporates everything from creepy self-multiating talking doll

The Best Big Bads In Television

"Big Bads" in a TV show are a terrifying character that over-arches the whole season, frequently getting away from the heroes of the show and living to terrorise another day. They usually are super-powered and are seemingly invincible until the stars unlock a mystery or a secret that will see them defeated in the series finale of the season. With so many TV shows and movies around, it's clear that some "Big Bads" are more villanous than others. Here are some of the best ones you can really root for the death of: Kilgrave in Jessica Jones Kilgrave is probably one of the most chilling "Big Bads" out there. Played by Dr Who's David Tennant, Kilgrave is frightening because he uses mind control a

Hereditry With Hoyts Cinemas

I've been dying to see the new horror movie Hereditry since the trailer dropped back in January. Unaware that I had to wait almost six months for it to come out in Australia, I created so much hype around this film to my friends that when we were finally able to score tickets it was the dubbed the "elusive and mysterious" horror movie of the year. It certainly lives up to the title. Because damn it was mysterious. Starring Australia's own Toni Colette along with a cast of relative unknowns of Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff and Milley Shapiro, Hereditry follows the Graham family who begin to unravel crytpic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry after their grandmother passes awa

Three Episodes Of The Twilight Zone That Will Haunt You Forever

"Smoke for pleasure - smoke Chesterfields" say the deep and unequivolcally smooth voice of Mr. Rod Serling, host of the eery 1959 TV show The Twilight Zone. And damn did that make me want a cigerette. Besides being able to sell ice to Eskimos, Rod Serling had the immense power to terrify in this black and white fantasy/horror/mystery hybrid of a TV show, where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations that they each try to solve in a remarkable manner. With twists that M. Night Shamalayan wouldn't even see coming, The Twilight Zone is the epidome of classic with over five seasons that helped to catapult some of Hollywood's most famous and revered actors into s

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