Slenderman With Hoyts Cinemas

Every person who follows tales of creepypastas on the internet has heard about Slenderman - a fictional supernatural creature that is depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid creatures with enlogated arms, legs, a featureless head, and a sharp black suit. Slenderman is the epitome of mass media gone crazy. Originally created as a photoshop contest for the website Something Awful forums, the contest required entrants to turn ordinary photographs into creepy-looking images and then pass them off as authentic hauntings on paranormal forums. SA User Victor Surge (rea name Eric Knudson) posted two black and white photographs of unnamed children discussing Slenderman as a mysterious creature

Revisiting Goth In The Raw

If we're revisiting the amazing work of Christine McConnell thanks to her new Netflix show, it seems only fair to pay another visit to my other favourite baker - Goth in the Raw. This awesome vegan powerhouse Adara O has been serving up some delicious treats since I last featured her on This Side of Sanguine and has been so helpful in answering my questions about getting her amazing shades of black in her food (Want to know a secret? It's activated charcoal!) that she's definetly worth another mention. Check out some of her amazing work below, which is also featured on her website and her Instagram. Vegan Mausoleum Smoked Macadamia Nut And Wild Truffle Cheese Lilacs Lure: Raw Vegan Blueberry

Christine McConnell And Netflix!

My favourite scream queen baker Christine McConnell is getting a Netflix show and I couldn't be more ecstatic to tune in to her baking delights! For those of you who don't know, I wrote an article on master baker Christine McConnell in Novemeber last year, highlighting some of her most amazing spooktacular cakes, desserts, cookies, and photography. Well now there is another reason to celebrate this 1950's style horror housewife because Christine is getting her own Netflix show! The streaming giant announced that they will be broadcasting The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell on October 26 and has been described as: “With Curious Creations, which is being produced by The Jim Henson Co.

Borley Rectory: England's Most Haunted House

I guess you could say I have always had a fascination for the supernatural, but there is just something about Borley Rectory that always spoke to me like a spirit from beyond the grave. My parents used to have an old Reader's Digest book which featured fascinating articles from around the world, and the one article that stood out to me the most was about Borley Rectory - England's most haunted house. I poured over this article constantly, learning the clues and the secrets of the Rectory's hauntings. I always wanted to visit the site of the Rectory one day, and I even purchased The Most Haunted House In England: Ten Years' Investigation of Borley Rectory, which is an account by one of the or

A Short History Of The Banshee

There are so many classic monster tales and supernatural legends out there - from vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghosts, to Banshees, demons, witches, Ginn, mermaids and other kinds of spirits. Many supernatural legends have their roots firmly planted into old celtic tales, icons of horror, or even just simple nightmare-inducing bedtime stories. To pay homage to these classic legends I decided to do some digging and uncover the legends and the stories behind these mythic monsters and terrifying images that haunt our dreams today. You've seen where Evil Clowns came from, now it's time for a more lessor-known creature of mythology: The Banshee. The Banshee comes from an Old Irish folklore t

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