Frankenstein: Two Hundred Years Of Monsters With The Australian National University

Hosting a four day literary horror conference may seem a little out of place for The Australian National University (ANU), but Frankenstein 2018: Two Hundred Years of Monsters proved to be a worthwhile conference as a range of scholars from across the humanities, sciences, and social sciences spectrum came together to celebrate and discuss the impactful issues that came from Mary Shelley's masterpiece. Mary Shelley anonymously published Frankenstein on 1 January 1818 and instantly became a cult classic in horror, science, and popular culture. The story follows a recklessly ambitious and naive scientist who creates an artifical human-like creature made from deceased remains. Disgusted with hi

The Nun With Hoyts Cinemas

Ever since The Conjuring 2 introduced the haunting image of "The Nun" to Lorraine Warren fans have been frothing at the bit for an origin story on this terrifying figure - so on September 13th 2018 they were appeased! Starring American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons as the Demon Nun, The Nun follows the story of a priest with a haunted past and a young novitiate on the threshold of her final vows as they travel to Romania to investigate the death of a young nun at a convent there. They are then confronted with a malevolent force who appears to them as a terrifying demon nun, turning their every belief on their heads. The Nun was the most terrifying part of The Conjuring 2,

Horror With The Canberra Theatre

I've been lucky enough to see some pretty amazing theatre productions - like The War of the Worlds, The Phantom of The Opera, and the Dracula, which the latter was extremely groundbreaking with it's utilisation of moving set designs and a leather clad Prince of Darkness. But I've never seen a horror movie reenacted on stage before. Playing at the Canberra Theatre last week, Horror is an 80 minute production by acclaimed European theatre-maker Jakop Ahlbom who takes on something not for the faint of heart - creating a fully immersive horror movie-like theatre production with only special effects and two words uttered throughout the play. And Ahlbom nails it. The story follows a woman who retu

A History Of Vampires

Not all that glitters is gold, and not all vampires glitter. Before vampires made modern day fantasies a little unbearable there was a huge mysticium and bloody history behind these creatures of the night known for turning into bats and sucking on the blood of humans. The origins of the vampire mythology can be hard to trace, but some say it can be linked to Ancient Greece, where the Sun God Apollo cursed an Italian-born adventurer named Ambrogio for falling in love with one of Apollo's temple maidens. The curse he laid on Ambrogio was so that his skin would burn if he was ever out in the sunlight. Ambrogio later ended up gambling his soul away to the God of the Underworld Hades and ended up

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter: 5 Abandoned Places For Your Dark Tourism Bucket List

Places that have been abandoned and left in rumble and disarray have always fascinated me. It's probably the horror end-of-the-world author in me (or maybe just the fact that I loved disaster movies as a kid) but these places of humanity that have been reclaimed by nature is such a stunning and prominent contrast for me. Visiting the abandoned radioactive zones of Chernobyl fascinates me (and the radioactivity doesn't bother me in the slightest) and is on my bucket list. I would adore to spend a night walking around an abandoned mental institution or discover the secrets of a haunted house. Yes, I will probably die at the hands of a derranged serial killer if I do but I honestly see more of

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