A History Of Werewolves

Vampires are one of the main horror legends and are rivalled only by their furry counterparts the werewolf. Also dubbed lycanthropes, werewolves are shape-shifting humans that turn into a wolf when the moon is full. In some legends you may find run-offs of the werewolf, such as the were-leopard, the were-panther, the were-tiger etc. but the werewolf is the most commmon and true to horror form. As one of the oldest legends of human monsters in recorded history, werewolves have origins in mythology from many different cultures. One of the most historical is from an early Native American tribe who believed in a spirit God named Wisakachek who was a shape-shifter that commonly took the form of a

October 31 Day Horror Movie Challange Part Two: What I Learned Watching A Horror Movie A Day

Watching a horror movie a day for a whole month may seem like a mindless form of entertainment, but what started off as a way to kick my writers block to the curb (which worked by the way - I finished writing my Cosmic Decay: Contamination sequel earlier in the year!) ended up being quite a learning process for me. Back in 2017 I learnt the challenge was a good ice breaker for the singles amongst us, and a great idea for a date. I learnt that I am really desensitised to violence now (despite shying away from gore when I was younger) and I learnt that more people are freaked out by the idea of watching 31 horror movies in a row rather than the horror movies themselves. It's 2018 though, and t

October 31 Day Horror Movie Challange Part Two: The Ones That Made The Cut

In 2017 I started the tradition of watching a horror movie a day for the entire 31 days of October. I continued this tradition in 2018 and watched some of the favourite horror movies of my friends and family, which can be found listed here. In every movie, there are horror movies and horror characters which were real stand outs for me during my viewing process. Like last years The Ones That Made The Cut article, here are the best of the best from my 2018 viewing sesh! Please note though that the below will contain spoilers. Best Death Scene In A Horror Movie: Clara and Koldo in Rec 3: Genesis 2017 Winner: Mike in Tucker and Dale Vs Evil Zombie deaths certainly get more and more gruesome and

October 31 Day Horror Movie Challange Part Two

Last year, to help celebrate Halloween and to kick off my new horror blog This Side of Sanguine, I put together a horror movie challenge: watch a horror movie a day during the month of October. In 2017 I was successful with watching 31 horror movies, and I even learnt a thing or two along the way. This year, I went back to horror's classic slasher roots a little more and tried to find movies with a gorey or evil plot twist and went a bit crazy when it came to the sequels. Here is my list of horror movies watched during the month of October in 2018: Scream 4 Rec 3: Genesis The Void Ravenous The Final Girls The Darkness Satanic Saw 3 Suck Bride of Chucky The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Jeepers Cre

The Best New Horror TV Shows To Binge-Watch Now That The 31 Day Horror Movie Challenge Is Over

With my 31 Horror Movie Challange done and dusted it now means that I have the time to tune in to some of the excellent horror based TV shows that have spiked in popularity over the spooky season. If you want a few ideas of shows to watch to keep you in the Halloween spirit, I strongly suggest you give some of these a try: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Netflix There are reboots galore at the moment, and while the Charmed reboot just looks terrible, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot has actually gone above and beyond to create a new terrifying look at everyone's favourite teenage witch originally made famous by Melissa Joan Hart. Based off the Sabrina comics from Archie, the new Net

Celebrating Day of the Dead

Halloween is my favourite time of year, but I always struggle as to whether or not I want to celebrate in classic orange pumpkin and black bat style Halloween traditions, or if I want to channel the brightly coloured and sugared spirit of Dia de los Muertos. One year my Halloween festivities landed squarely on the 1st November, which is the start of the Mexican tradition, so I decided to uphold an honor dead ancestors and living spirits alike. We made invitations that claimed “we live, we die, we party” and suggested painting their faces like sugar skulls so that the spirits won’t recognise them as humans and won’t haunt them. Our invitations made the rounds on Facebook, and my graphic desig

A Short History Of Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead is a famous holiday celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November every year, following the widely celebrated western pagan holiday of Halloween on the 31st of October. Dia de los Muertos is a Latin American tradition with it’s origins firmly rooted in Mexico that honours the dead with lively and colourful celebrations. Marked as All Saints Day and All Souls Day, the celebrations combine indigenous Aztec rituals with modern day Catholicism that was brought to the regions of South America by the Spanish. The belief is that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on the 31st October (a similar belief in paganist Halloween, where the souls of the dead ca

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