Put The Spook Into Santa With These 3 Christmas Movies

Halloween is well and truely over. All the decorations have gone into storage for next year and people are setting up for Christmas. If you're in Australia like I am, you probably noticed the Christmas decorations adorning the malls before Halloween even hit. Which is kind of the worst for a Halloween junkie like myself. Excuse me, leave your tinsel until after the pumpkins go bad and weird fruit flies start eating them from the inside out. I don't really celebrate Christmas, or really any other kind of holiday other than Halloween. When you don't have a significant other and your family doesn't really have any traditions, and you're kind of poor, it's always best to avoid these kind of holi

The Ultimate Face of Horror Death Match - The Final Bloodbath

Horror has many faces and they have changed throughout the years. From black and white pyschological terrors to crazed killers on the loose to hauntings in suburban homes, there are arguably more famous faces that have become synonomous with the horror genre. I have spent several articles delving into the different worlds of horror throughout the decades, focusing on the golden age of cinema, the 80's surge of slasher flicks, and the current faces that are haunting our nightmares. The Ultimate Face of Horror Death Match has been concluded down to three famous faces, taking into account recognisability, death count, movie series, and motivation. But just who will come out on top as The Ultima

The Ultimate Face Of Horror Death Match - The New Age

Since the birth of cinema the genre of horror has been in constant change. Nothing ever stays the same, and what scared us when things were black and white or campy, don't scare us now. In a world of the internet, creepypastas, and technology things constantly develop and change - meaning what scares us in a horror movie has changed as well. Modern day horror movies have been subjected to a new ideaology of recreation like many other projects in Hollywood. Access to newer technology means things can be done better and more bloodier than they would have been done in the past. This means that there has been a (annoying) resurragence of reboots and remakes of classic movies that scared us back

The Ultimate Face of Horror Death Match - The Slashers

The late 70's, 80's and 90's completely reinvigerated the horror genre with a big change in the game. Unlike the supernatural creatures with the heart of gold that dominated the silver screen of the 1930's to the 1950's, these new faces of horror were bloody, brutal, and undescriminate. It was the birth of the slasher. When you think of slasher horror movies there are a few central characters who come into mind, and I think it's about time we pitt them against each other in a big Freddy vs Jason, Alien vs Prediator sort of way. Welcome to the second Ultimate Face of Horror Death Match. *Please note, many of these horror movies below have had sequels attached or reboot/remakes that have follo

The Ultimate Face of Horror Death Match - The Universal Monsters

Horror has many faces. It could be made of rotting corpses with bolts keeping the head in check, or it could be full of pins. It could be the innocent plastic face of a child's plaything, or it could be hidden behind a decaying hockey mask. Throughout the years the horror genre has changed and the killers and monsters changed with it. But a few rose from the depths in each "season" as the cult classics and the faces of horror were molded into a few pinnacle characters. But just who is the best? Who has the most terrifying face of all? I've decided to sift through the golden characters of horror who have become synonomous with the genre to determine who is the ultimate face of horror in what

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