A Short History of The Malleus Maleficarum

I've recently been reading a lot of literature that keeps mentioning the Malleus Maleficarum and it's involvement in what became the Salem Witch Trials and I became so fascinated with this tome that I thought I would delve a little bit deeper into iut's history to see what it is really all about. The Malleus Maleficarum was written by a discredited Catholic clergyman named Heinrich Kramer in 1486. Translated as "the hammer of witches" the Malleus Maleficarum is well-known for it's endorsement of the extermination of witches and details a legal and theological theory to condemn sorcery as a criminal status. Written by clergyman Heinrich Kramer, it was suggested that the guide was his act of s

Happy Death Day 2U With Hoyts Cinemas

October 31st 2017 saw a unique horror twist on Bill Murray's extremely popular Groundhog Day with Happy Death Day, a horror movie that saw the main character Tree (played by newbie Jessica Rothe) killed by a mysterious baby-masked killer over and over again, only to wake up the morning of the same day. In order to break the cycle of her constant deaths, Tree had to figure out which of her friends, teachers, lovers, and sorority sisters were doing the dirty deed. For a modern day horror movie, it was extremely unique, and you actually came to like the character of Tree as a person despite her being introduced as a complete and utter bitch. There was a moment in the movie where it seemed liked

Escape Room With Hoyts Cinemas

Escape and Riddle rooms are all the rage nowadays, with the idea designed to test your knowledge, your perseverance, and your teamwork in order to solve a series of puzzles and get out of a locked room within a certain time limit. Escape Rooms have moved into spectacular themes to suit any type of puzzles, ranging from zombie rooms, steampunk style rooms, Egyptian tombs, magic and sorcerer's dens, and so many others. It's like being in your very own detective movie as your solve your clues. Cool theme, interesting puzzles, locked in a room with no chance of escape? Sounds a lot like the Saw series. So it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into a horror movie. And that is exac

The Best Horror Trope Music Videos

Rock bands have made some pretty epicly scary music videos to accompany some haunting melodies, and while there are some that are just simply downright disturbing (and I'm looking at you Robbie Williams) or some that are just fucked up (Hey there Marilyn Manson!) there are some that are so on point when it comes to taking the classic horror movie trope and putting it to an epic tune. Here are some of the best horror trope music videos of all time, as decided by me, your resident horror expert: Thriller by Michael Jackson It's not a list of the best horror music videos without mentioning the most iconic music video of all time - Michael Jackson's Thriller. Running at approx 13 minutes, Thrill

The Best Horror Profiles For Your Instagram Feed

I am obsessed with Instagram. I treat it like a photo diary of the people I hang out with, the cool and interesting places I go, the clothes that I wear, the food that I eat, and the quotes that I love. I also love to follow Instagram influencers with a similar style or passion as me, so needless to say there are quite a number of gothic and horror style profiles that I follow. If you need a bit of horror inspiration, or are just want super dark yet super stimulating content in your Instagram feed, check out some of these stars: Goth in the Raw I've spoken about Goth in the Raw and her incredible vegan meals before, but her Instagram profile is a must have for your feed, even if you aren't a

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