The Face of Horror Movies: Hammer Films

You've heard about historic figures who have helped shaped the horror and science fiction genre, from gothic poet Edgar Allan Poe to dystopian Cthulhu creator H.P Lovecraft, but there is one name in horror movie history you should know, and it is actually the name of a film production company that helped shaped horror movies that we know and love today. I'm talking about Hammer Films. Hammer Films is one of the oldest film companies in the world and was founded in November 1934, being the film production company behind such notable black and white classics as Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein, and The Mummy. Hammer Films were more detective and crime-story based back in the days, but in the

Pet Semetary with Hoyts Cinemas

Usually if a film revolves around an animal I will avoid the movie like the plague because the denouement of the film will usually result in the animal dying. And animal deaths in movies are waaaaay worse than human deaths. But a horror movie about a creepy 'pet semetary' when animals (and other things) seem to rise from the dead? It's got a Tim Burton Frankenweenie vibe to it and it's hard to ignore. Pet Semetary is the latest of horror movies to hit our screens that has come from the twisted mind of dark fiction writer Stephen King. The story centres around Louis Creed, his wife Rachel, and their two children Gage and Ellie, who move to a rural home where they are welcomed and enlightened

Wiccan Rituals: How To Read Tarot Cards

You've probably noticed recently there has been a bit of a focus on astrology and tarot card readings recently and that is because I have been opening up to learn how to read these universal signs, even if taken with a pinch of salt. It's been a fascinating journey, and one that has been very specific in some ways, but I need to stress that it's not some peak into the dark realm and contact made with the Devil, it's actually a very interesting ritual that is more to do with connection to yourself and the world around you, rather than the Underworld. Try it for yourself and see. What you need: What you need is a tarot card deck to do your reading. You can choose any kind of deck you would lik

A Short History Of The Basilisk

When I mention the word Basilisk, images of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets probably come to mind, but while He-who-shall-not-be-named's horcrux is definitely the most famous of Basilisk's in the world, it certainly wasn't the first. The Basilisk is a legendary European beast that is reputed as a serpent king that is a hybrid of a rooster and a serpent. It can cause death with a single glance in a way that is very similar to the viper-headed Goddess Medusa, who can turn those that look into her eyes into stone. The creature of the Basilisk was first written about in 79 AD by a Roman author and philosopher named Pliny the Elder, who chronicled the Basilisk in his tome Naturalis Histor

US with Hoyts Cinemas

Warning: This movie review contains spoilers. Jordan Peele has a cult following from his work in the comedic circuit - especially Key and Peele -, but he really made a name for himself with his 2017 horror movie Get Out, which followed a young African- American who visits with his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, only to find a simmering uneasiness leads to a horrific turn of events. The movie received a great reception for not only sending a big message about racism in America, but also as a way to turn the way horror movies usually perceive African-Americans on its head. It addressed racism in a more covert sense, and Peele was haled a chief for his satire that mirrors the black

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