A Short History Of Medusa

Greek mythology has a cacophony of legendary characters with monstrous attributes, and one of the most infamous would have to be Medusa - a human female with snake like attributes and living venomous snakes in her hair. Those who gazed upon her face and looked her in the eyes would turn to stone, similar to the snake like creature the Basilisk. Apparently snakes have been freezing us since Adam and Eve. A coincidence that the devil chose to arrive as a serpent? I think not. Medusa is regarded as a Gorgon, a mythical creature in a sisterhood that could turn people to stone with their powerful gazes, and the earliest notification of this ancient belief came from the tales of the philosopher Ho

The Night I Fit Into The Stereotypical Horror Movie Character Of "The Slut"

I am an unapologetically sexual person who also writes sex and dating articles for other websites and stories. As I enjoy watching my usual array of horror movies though, I discovered that I fit in very well with the classic anatomy of the horror movie. Point in being, despite the fact that I am pretty good at fighting and would probably last quite a bit in a horror movie, I am ultimately the classic character stereotype of "The Slut". In most classic slasher stories there are usually five characters (The Cabin In The Woods depicted this well if you need more) and they always die in a similar vein, if not necessarily in the same order. The deaths are usually chalked out in characterisations

The Face Of The Paranormal: Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Conjuring universe has made itself very known within the horror world as the underlying vein of the supernatural, with the release of Annabelle Comes Home later this year, and the recent reference in the movie The Curse of La Larone. Creating an intricate web that is popular with the likes of Marvel and DC movies, The Conjuring is the universe that horror resides in - but did you know that there is truth behind this horror? If you've seen The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, you will be familiar with the names of Ed and Lorraine Warren, American paranormal investigators who have been at the forefront of some of America's greatest mysteries and are the real versions of Sam and Dean Winchest

Things You Can Learn Under The Cloaks And Daggers of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

There is a reason that Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been billed as a supernatural coming-of-age story. If you take away the blood rituals, the worship of Satan, the magical spells, surprise blindness, and the underground coven of witches, you have a story that is filled with key themes for growing up in this modern age. From her non-binary friend Susie/Theo, to relationship dramas, to dealing with death and trauma, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a lot you can lean into, and a lot you can learn under the cloak and dagger too. Follow your instincts The story starts with Sabrina being asked to make a commitment that she fully doesn't believe in or isn't sure that she wants,

Be Forever ALTERed

Love horror movies but don't necessarily have the time to watch a full length feature film? Maybe you're like me and you have written several short stories that would make perfect short films? Well than boy do I have a website for you! ALTER is a stunning work of art that brings viewers two new short films every week that explore the human condition through warped and uncanny perspectives. From what life would be like as a dairy cow to a zombie style candy pinata party, ALTER is the perfect place for when you want to leave your world behind and be forever ALTERed. ALTER explores the human condition through warped perspectives, giving voice to emerging, diverse and established filmmakers, ALT

Why You Should Cross Over To The Twilight Zone

For those who have been fans of horror and sci fi for decades will recall the 1959 classic black and white TV show The Twilight Zone. Created by Rod Serling, the man with the golden tongue and the way with words, this eerie TV show was a fantasy/horror/mystery hybrid where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary situations. These situations, while not always pleasant in ending, involve remarkable solutions with twists that famed twist director M. Night Shamalayan wouldn't even see coming, Starring some of the 50's most revered actors of the time, The Twilight Zone anthologies showcase the world in a way that it wasn't and cemented itself as a founding father of the industry. And now

Letting Them Eat Cake

I've been writing a lot of short stories recently and entering them into some competitions. Not only is writing specific horror-themed stories cathartic, but it's also a great way to hone my craft and my writing skills and get more out there in the world. You will see a lot of similar stories pop up, not only on This Side of Sanguine, but also in other mediums as I tackle a lot of different creative projects, such as releasing a story in an academic journal, and creating a short film series with a producer here in Canberra. In the meantime, I would love to introduce you to my short story Letting them eat cake, which has been entered into the Questions short story competition, bringing up que

Be A Stalker

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