Happy Halloween!

It is October 31st, and you know what that means - Happy Halloween! As you all know I so obviously love Halloween, and every year I decorate my home, host a Halloween party and a pumpkin carving, and celebrate all things horror by watching a horror movie a day. You will see the subsequent list of the 31 horror movies I watched coming in the next couple of weeks, as well as the ones who made the cut and what I learned from the experience. My Facebook and Instagram walls have been chock-a-blocked with the most spookiest and beautiful photos I can find, that I even put off posting photos of my recent trip to Melbourne on a cruise ship just for you all! This year, Halloween was a lot quieter as

"We're Not American!": Why Australian Halloween Haters Are Uneducated And Prejudiced

I am a horror writer based in Australia, and if you are an avid Halloween lover like me you will be well-aware of the Halloween-haters here down under. They’re usually the grumpy old men who yell at kids who are dressed up and just trying to have a fun night out by screaming, “We’re not American!” Halloween is one of the only holidays I celebrate throughout the year, despite my religious upbringing. Our family is too small and too spread-out to continue with traditions that were reserved for Christmas. I've never celebrated Australia Day, as my mother's birthday is on January 26th when it was usually celebrated, and as a health-conscious vegan I don't really want to do the chocolate easter e

The Circus of Eternals

Towards the end of 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and befriend Anna-Sophie Jurgen, a Feodor Lynen Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian National University. Anna-Sophie has an interesting reach of academia and studies the cultural and aesthetic capital of the circus in fiction and other media, embodied in violent and cannibal clowns, epileptic dancers and freak performers. It is a fascinating area of study in how this modern age of evil clowns relate to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and as you know by now with my love of evil clowns it was an arm of study that I had no idea existed and was fascinated to learn more about. Upon our discussions, Anna-Sophie e

The Best Jocks In Horror

We've looked at the best characters of the classic horror movie archetypes of the "Final Girl", the "Slut", the "Brain" and the "Fool", and this leaves us with only one classic character left - the "Jock". The "Jock" is the on-screen douchebag that everyone kind of roots for to die. He is usually athletic, charming and popular, and is often depicted as the girlfriend of either the "Slut" of the "Final Girl", usually ending up sleeping with the "Slut" anyway and sealing his doom in the horror movie rules. There has been many good protrayls of the "Jock" in horror movies, and here are the best ones: Curt Vaughn, Cabin in the Woods In classic Cabin in the Woods role reversals, Curt Vaughn playe

The Best Brains In Horror

In horror movies, there is a classic overarching characterisation that there are five main characters - the "Final Girl", the "Slut", the "Fool", the "Jock" and the "Brain". We've looked at the best Final Girls, Sluts, and Fools, but just who is leading the pack when it comes to horror movies? The character of the "Brain" in horror movies is usually seen as the one who is smart enough to survive the events, but doesn't necessarily live in the end. Sometimes overlapped as a geek and seen as the "Fool" as well, the "Brain" is also seen as the nice guy, who is often overlooked because he isn't as charming or popular as the Jock. He is, however, the character who tells everyone they should stick

The Best Fools In Horror

No matter the killer, the location, or the weapon, the classic horror trope will generally follow a particular route, showcasing the hunting and the deaths of the five main characters of the "Slut", the "Jock", the "Brain", the "Fool" and the "Final Girl". As part of my October series, I've introduced you to the best characterisations and stereotypes of the Final Girl and the Slut. Next up is arguably one of the most important characters of the film besides the Final Girl and the Killer - we're talking the Fool. The Fool is generally included in a horror movie to make light of the situation, to provide some comedic relief, and to generally have a pretty fun death. He's the funny dude that th

The Best Characters Of The Slut In Horror

Despite characters being in different scenarios, locations and being hunted by different killers, the classic horror trope will generally follow a particular route, showcasing the hunting and the deaths of the five main characters. These characters are generalised to fit stereotypes and include "The Slut", "The Jock", "The Brain", "The Fool" and "The Final Girl". We've looked at the best Final Girls out there, but what about The Sluts? They are iconic in horror flicks, regularly being the ones who are topless, running away from the killer with their boobs bouncing away. She's the character who usually dies first, most of the time after having sex with the Jock character, She is seen as ditzy

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