The Queens of Halloween: Lily Munster

During the 60's there seemed to be a change when it came to the depiction of women in horror, and many Queens of Halloween were birthed into this black and white world of television to become iconic horror characters. Not as popular as Morticia Addams, and more adapted than the Bride of Frankenstein, the character of Lily Munster still reserves a place as a queen of horror. Played by Yvonne De Carlo, Lily Munster is the matriarch of the titular named TV show The Munsters. The show came out in September 1964 and ran for 70 episodes, 6 more than The Addams Family did, which is often sparked as a more popular version. The Munsters have since found a large audience in syndication and in August 2

The Queens of Halloween: The Bride of Frankenstein

When you think of the characters depicted as the Queens of Halloween from yesteryear there are a few iconic roles that pop up. With sexy, vampish characters such as Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, Elvira and Vampira, there is one that takes heed as their inspirations - The Bride of Frankenstein. The iconic horror movie character was born into the 1935 sequel to Universal Picture's horror hit Frankenstein. It is regarded as one of the greatest sequels in history and invokes the characterisation of the Frankenstein's original novellist Mary Shelley to become the monster's bride at the end of the film. Henry Frankenstein and his mentor work on creating a mate for the monster so that he is not so

The Queens of Halloween: Vampira

Before there was Elvira, another Queen of Halloween ruled the silver screen during the 1950's dressed in black and dripping in camp. We're talking about Vampira, the classic feminine vampire icon that took the cult world by storm. Played by Maila Syrjaniemi (known professionally as Maila Nurmi), Vampira was the brain child of the Finnish-American actress who based the vampire character off Charles Addams comic strip The Addams Family. Maila was at a masquerade party dressed as the matriachal figure Morticia Addams when she caught the attention of a television producer who wanted to hire her to host horror movies. The show was called Dig Me Late, Vampira and The Vampira Show, which opened wit

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