A Short History of Vampirella

When you think of iconic vampire characters there are many that spring to mind - Dracula, Angel and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Edward Cullen from Twilight, Bill Compton from True Blood. But there is one fictional character that should spring to mind in all of her horror hostess glory, and I am talking about Vampirella. Not to be confused with Vampira and her mistress of evil counterpart Elvira, who depict horror stories on black and white television shows, Vampirella is actually the vampire queen of the comic book world, taking on a similar role in the comic of the same name. It was also black and white horror and the take of a hostess character, but eventually Vampirella turned in

The Love Witch

I watched the 2016 horror movie The Love Witch and I was instantly taken with the story and the design. It was a bit strange, but ultimately seemingly similar to my own path in life. The Love Witch is an homage to 1960's horror films and has the overall effect of being filmed in the 60's despite the fact it was actually filmed in 2016. The whole setting, costumes and design are vintage 60's, and the movie was filmed on 35mm film to give it the 60's grain affect. Written and directed by Anna Biller, The Love Witch takes up claims of feminine sexual power as it focuses on the charming, but ultimately desperate, witch Elaine Parks, played by Samantha Robinson. Elaine takes up power over men in

Hate Valentine's Day? Watch These Horror Movies Instead!

Valentine's Day is my least favourite time of year. It's a Hallmark holiday designed to make chocolate, flower, and jewellery sales go through the roof and it really stabs a single gal like me in the heart, especially as I have been married and divorced and our entire relationship's anniversaries were centered on Valentines Day. The reasoning? To create one super romantic rememerable day a year that would usually be showcased with a holiday of some sort. Now it's just a week long depression funk. To help get out of my week long Valentine's Day depression funk, I turn instead to doing the most unromantic of events - watching horror movies. But if you're a sucker like me who loves themes, then

A Short History of Lupercalia

As I was watching the second part of the Netflix TV show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (the reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch) I was intrigued when the characters celebrated a Valentine's Day like holiday called Lupercalia. Said to be a lust-filled pagan tradition observed by the free-loving witches, it sparked my interest as a possible alternative to Valentine's Day traditions on February 14th - a day I would soon rather forget. Lupercalia is traditionally celebrated on February 15 and has been traced back to 6th century Roman times when according to ancient Roman legend, King Amulius ordered his twin nephews Romulus and Remus to be thrown into the Tiber River to drown in retribution for

Tell Your Horror-Loving Valentine How You Feel

Got a little partner in crime all loved up for Valentine's Day but know that the usual heart shaped chocolate boxes and roses aren't their cup of tea? If they're horror fans like me then they will love these dirty horror Valentines' greetings from FxAttics Studios

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