Overlord Lives Up To Its Title

Still stuck inside and not sure what you should be watching? Well do I have a unique film for you! The idea of fighting Nazi's is not a new concept for a movie, considering the terror and death that followed the Third Reich in the 1940's. Even the idea of fighting Nazi's who also happen to be zombies and are quite powerful and almost unkillable is not a unique idea, with movies like Dead Sno being cult horror favourites. But the 2018 JJ Abrams' made horror war movie Overlord takes these ideas and makes the horror real, and does a damn good job at it! Set on the eve of D-Day in 1944, Overlord follows a group of American paratroopers who are dropped into Germany occupied France to carry out a

Best Infection Movies To Ride Out Self-Isolation

It's been a terrible start to the year with fires, locus plagues, freak hailstorms and now the COVID-19 epidemic that has swept through the world, shutting down public places and events, and forcing people to self-isolate. It's like something out of a horror movie, but without the cool rising of the zombies. For those who are sitting around their homes, waiting for the world to end, I have come up with a few movies that I might help you pass the time, but also give you some positive vibes that at least you're not in that world! 28 Days Later One of the most iconic zombie movies is a perfect flick to put on while you're waiting out the coronavirus. The zombies in this film aren't reanimated d

More Goodies From Goth In The Raw

To celebrate Goth in the Raw's new shop opening up with international delivery (so I can get these goodies here in Australia!) I wanted to showcase some more of the delicious vegan gothic treats that Nnaus Feratu is making. Photo above Inspired by the Catacombs of Paris: Vegan Black Cardamon Skull Sugar Cookies Vegan Black Almond Black Garlic Cheese with Raw Vegan Almond, Black Walnut, Black Sesame Seed Crackers. Extra Dark Chocolate + Spiced Pumpkin Tart with a Black Chocolate Fig Crust. Vegan Crimson Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Tart w/ Vegan Chocolate Liqueur, Chopped Roasted Hazelnuts + Vegan Rose White Chocolate Skulls. Vegan Black Cinnamon Pancakes with Blackberry + Black Chokeberry Preserv

A Short History of Aleister Crowley

Fans of gothic literature and supernatural TV shows will be aware of the name Alistair Crowley, as it is featured heavily in pop culture such as Supernatural and Good Omens, amongst others. Usually depicted as a demon, just who was Alistair Crowley and what is his involvement with the devil that makes him such a good characterisation in the battle of good vs evil? Unlike those that depict Crowley as a demon, he was actually a man, named Aleister Crowley (or Edward Alexander Crowley) who was born in 1875. Aleister gained notority as an English occultist, ceremonial "magician" and the founder of a religion called Thelema, which is a contemporary movement that was founded on the idea that the 2

The Best One Stop Shops For All Your Witchcraft Supplies

Finding a place that sells authentic supplies for any spells or craftwork you may be doing can be a bit tricky. Luckily for you, I have tried and tested a few stores myself and have found you some of the best places to gather your ingredients for your cauldron! Haus of Hoodoo Haus of Hoodoo is my number one recommendation for all authentic witchcraft supplies. Run by Jessyka Winston in New Orleans, Jessyka's beautiful store is as authentic as you can get! She sells candles, oils, spiritual bath blends, colognes, perfumes and smudges that are all made lovingly in her shop, but she also provides spiritual consulations in store if you ever get a chance to visit! Shipping to Australia is a bit e

Meet FX Legend Glam and Gore

I've been following the absolutely stunning Mykie on Instagram for awhile now, and not only is she drop dead gorgeous and one extremely talented lady, she happens to create the most amazing glamorously gory looks! The LA based make up artist "makes pretty things ugly" and highlights her tutorials on her Youtube channel, which is definitely worth a look. Check out some of the epicly creepy looks below and then go check her out for yourself!

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