Sacrificing Toby With Wicked Clothing

If you’re a bit of an Instagram addict like I am you will most likely have seen a brand new clothing collection from the United States circulating your news feed; a brand called Wicked Clothing.

Marketed as “dark humour on soft shirts” and “perfect for the modern witch” Wicked Clothing has got it right. There is a series of different collections, ranging from feminism and political notions to sketched skulls and animated conspiracy theories, but the most popular range has to be the 80’s style vintage ringer shirts (more popular in white with red rings, but some designs are available in black and tie-dye as well).

The shirts are designed with classical “teach your children” drawings, but feature a twist in phrases. Featuring ideals such as “Necromancy for Beginners”, “Pyrokinesis for Beginners”, “Let’s Sacrifice Toby”, “My First Knife Fight” and the ever popular “Let’s Summon Demons” the shirts are guaranteed to give a double take if you look close enough.

I was lucky enough to pick up the shirt “Let’s Sacrifice Toby” during the Black Friday sales, and let me tell you it was a hard choice! I am definitely going back for “”My First Knife Fight” and “Let’s Summon Demons”, but if you are looking for a comfortable tee that suits your twisted sense of humour you should check out Wicked Clothing at their website here.

*This is not a sponsored post.

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