Get Spooky At Spookers Haunted Attraction, New Zealand

While I was on holiday in New Zealand, I drove past a car in Taupo, New Zealand, that was painted with zombies all up the side advertising a place called Spookers Haunted Attraction.

Not one to turn down something zombie related I did a quick online research to discover with delight that Spookers is in fact New Zealand’s only haunted theme park located in Kingseat, near Auckland. It took two minutes to decide that we were definitely going to visit it when we descended on Auckland and started to make arrangements with our friend Jess, who we were meeting while we were there.

The rest, as they say, is history because for me, our night at Spookers became the highlight of our three week New Zealand holiday.

To make things extra creepy, the Spookers Haunted House itself is actually situated in an abandoned Hospital that is rumoured to be actually haunted to this day. The theme park is only open at night so driving up into the hospital's property was made extra spooky by a real live black cat running past the entrance and the descending fog across the grounds. Upon arrival you buy your tickets and are ushered into the Haunted House itself where as you walk cautiously from horrendously decorated room to violently decorated room character actors jump out at you from hidden nooks and crannys. The costumes and make up for each character are absolutely terrifying – I’m talking faces being peeled off, hideous burns and scars, creepy face make up and people screaming at you.

The haunted house was amazing. There was a large dining hall filled with cockroaches and creepy bellmen as Marilyn Manson’s “Tainted Love” boomed to passers by. A deranged women with Christopher Lee style hair chomped on fake human thighs before she came over and started checking out your own delicacies. A contortionist sprawled herself in an abandoned floor, chasing you like she was out of the Grudge. It was the best place I have ever been.

Other than the huge haunted house itself, there are many different areas around Spookers for you to visit. There is a dark and foreboding creepy forest where upon entering an evil clown counts down from five and a maniac with a chainsaw revvs and chases you through the woods like you were in Friday the 13th. There is a 3D Evil Clown dungeon where you don glasses and take in 3D neon painted evil clowns that glow in the black light. During certain times of the year there is even an actual real-life corn field for you to get lost in, like you were in Children of the Corn.

If you ever find yourself in Auckland and you’re a horror buff like me, I highly recommend you put Spookers on your must go to list. It makes for a fun night out and makes you feel like a participant in an adrenaline –pumping horror movie.

For more information check out the website here.

All photos provided by Spookers Haunted Attraction Facebook Page.

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