Monster Mash Graveyard Smash

As a professional party planner and the manager of an event inspiration blog called The Party Connection, it should be no surprise that themed costume parties are one of my favourite things in the world.

I have at least one costume party every year and it usually falls on Halloween because it combines my love of dressing up with my love of horror. Check out the photos from one of my awesome Halloween parties worth it’s weight in fake blood, gore, and spooktacular treats that I hosted with my friends Charlotte Johnson and Byron Carr. Utilising a combination of different scary elements, we put it all together to create the ultimate Halloween Monster Mash.

Villians and supernaturals alike…. Party hard with us and do not dare pike… If you do we fear your consequences…. Voodoo, witchery, curses of all offences! Rewarded are those who dress the scariest, Think dark, think awful think spooky lairiest!

Charlotte put together an initial invitation cover photo for our Monster Mash Graveyard Smash that put the faces of herself, myself and our partners into The Addams Family portrait. I loved it so much that I couldn’t not include it -this invitation sent the tone for what was a super fun party!

The house was filled with little scary extras, such as bloody footprint stickers at the front door, blood splatters on the windows, cobwebs with fake spiders on every surface, witches cauldrons filled with candy and skulls galore!

Utilising a great wall centrepiece in the house, a witches alter was set up underneath with a collection of scary little extras such as bone and finger offerings in a candle five point star, skulls, and mini pumpkins. Of course there were cobwebs scattered all around the alter!

The food table was set up a decaying and boney body on it, with the food served around it. We served roasted pumpkin seeds, bean dip with corn chips, pumpkin scones, chips, lollies, and Charlotte’s mother Jennie brought an amazing severed hand made of cheese!

Outside a makeshift graveyard was buried amongst the trees, complete with skulls and tombstones, as well as lanterns and tiki torches for those who wanted to move the party outside.

Guests came dressed to the nines for Halloween and while some came spooky – dressed as an undead host, a skeleton, a voodoo doll, and a serial killer – others came dressed as more fun Halloween characters, including a pirate, Where’s Wally, Poison Ivy and Batman, and even a geisha. It was a great party and everyone had a lot of fun (though I did pass out on the grass early into the night) and I can’t wait to have another Halloween bash.

Let me know what you think of the party by leaving a comment in the description below. What did you like the most?

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