A Human Meat Market Halloween

March 16, 2018

Halloween decorations are usually dime a dozen; you buy a whole bunch of decorations from your local $2 store and reuse them to death - literally!


I decided to go a bit different with my Halloween decorations one year after I found a ton of fake dismembered limbs wrapped in clingwrap on styrofoam plates and I decided to create my very own terribly gory meat market - serving human meat and body parts on the menu!

I had an old blood drip table cover roll from my last horror themed 21st party so I hung the table cover around the side of the island in the kitchen. Then I had a plastic sheet that I also got from a cheap store and taped it over the island, giving it a blood smeared look. I hung up fake limb bunting in the kitchen to give the appearance of “drying out” and then I arranged the fake hands  and feet, plus a butchers knife, all over the island to give that working meat market look!

 Once guests were introduced to the horror that was their meat market, they were then given a vodka raspberry shot in syringes before moving on and checking out the rest of the Halloween party decorations. I had a few spare cauldrons left over from the Horror 21st and so I filled them with candy and chocolate and other “treats” for guests to enjoy. 

Throughout the night, a guest that was dressed up as Death went around putting dry ice in various things, creating a great illusion! He put heaps in an empty cauldron to give an eery effect to the outside area!

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