Why Supernatural Is The Best Horror/ Sci Fi TV Show Around

Supernatural is my favourite TV Show, and with thirteen seasons, 287 episodes and counting, and a whole army of fangirls, it seems that I am not the only one.

It's been going since 2005, is the longest running science fiction show since The X Files, and it has a solid family fanbase that connects the stars with their fans and tackles real world problems like mental health. Here are some of the reasons why Supernatural is the best horror/sci fi since Cosmic Decay: Contamination:

1. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki Are The Hottest Guys On The Silver Screen

I was hooked into Supernatural from the very beginning and it was all thanks to Jensen Ackles. Yes, that is right - I am a Dean girl. But not only is Jensen extremely drool worthy, he is accompanied by his equally sexy "brother" Jared Padelecki, who has been amassing fans since his days on Gilmore Girls. The creators of this story know this and they use it to their advantage - most relationships of the boys on the show never last for long or the cute quirky characters turn out to be gay (because, you know, jealous fangirl rage), and shirts appropriately come off. For a show with two male stars it has the biggest female following - and it's just because they are hot.

Mmm, what I wouldn't love for Dean Winchester to do dirty things to me on the hood of his Impala.

2. Not Only Are The Cast Hot, But They Are Also Funny!

Have you ever watched a Supernatural blooper reel? It's all about playing pranks and having a laugh. Apparently Ackles, Padelecki and their angel co-star Misha Collins regularly get into some pretty quirky shenanigans on set and play pranks on each other, and after seeing them interact live at the first ever All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural convention years ago I can 100% agree that they are this funny in real life.

The directors and writers also use this sense of humour into the show, and whether it's involving Dean's love of pie, a couple of quirky one liners, or having Castiel the angel calling Lucifer "Assbutt" Supernatural injects the humour of Ackles and Padelecki in between the action and the heart-to-hearts, showcasing the boys full range.

3. The Themed Episodes Give Fans What They Want

Supernatural isn't always about killing demons, hunting creatures of the night, and stoping doomsday, it's also about more of the silly stuff. Whether Jared Padelecki's character Sam is fighting his fear of evil clowns, whether Ackles' Dean and Sam are stuck in an episode of their favourite TV Show Dr Sexy, whether they are being eaten by Paris Hilton, or are forced to sit through an entire theatre production of their lives, Dean and Sam get up to some wacky adventures, and this is what the fans love.

Sure it's action packed supernatural-creature battling and depressing monologues of feelings, but the writers aren't afraid to get light hearted. They also recently conducted a Supernatural/Scooby Doo crossover that had fans salivating and proves that if you give a dog a bone (or a fan their fan-fiction) you'll be sure to garner a lot more popularity and keep you around for thirteen years of work.

4. For True Horror Fans The Storyline Is Perfect

Another reason I fell in love with Supernatural besides Jensen Ackles was how perfectly crafted the story followed the "hunt" of demonic and supernatural forces. In the first season the brothers faced ghosts, Wendigos, witches, Bloody Mary, The Hook Man, and other classic horror foes. While the later season storylines continued into more of a fantasy realm and began to focus on the overall battle of good vs evil and demons vs angels (which seems like a natural progression) it was these classic horror stories that won true horror fans over and had them willing to sit through the introduction of Heaven.

5. Family Doesn't End In Blood

You hear of fights amongst crews and TV stars constantly, but the cast and crew of Supernatural are one of the most family-oriented and supportive team from any show ever. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki are best friends in real life, and so are their children and their wives - the beautiful Genevieve Padelecki and my favourite actress Danneel Ackles, both of whom have starred on the show opposite their lovers. Not only that, the connections continue to run deep as Danneel's One Tree Hill co-star and best friend Hilarie Burton is married to The Walking Dead's big bad Nagen, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who took the part of the boys father as his own in Supernatural.

While it may seem incestious, it actually makes the whole cast and crew very family-oriented and when it came to light that Jared Padelecki was suffering from depression the whole cast and crew got behind Jared to support him, even going as far as selling off and raising money for charitable organisations that help in lifting the stigma of depression and mental health issues. If that isn't a useful way to spread the love, I don't know what is!

So what are the reasons you love Supernatural? Let me know in the comments section below!

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