Meet Skellie - Instagram's Newest Bae

Instagram is full of basic bitches. We're talking about the ones who drink Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks, chronicle their perfect lives of bikinis on beaches and Bellini's over brunch, and are "Omg!" so sarcastic.

But there is a new bae in town, and she's bringing her own brand of basic bitch down to the bone,

Meet Skellie, the Instagram star that is taking off while taking bae's down a notch. Featuring a fake human skeleton doing "basic" things like brunching, doing yoga, and attending festivals, this account is a breath of fresh air and honestly an impressive example of having to tote around a skeleton to set up the perfect shot.

Check out some of Skellie's awesome photos below (all found from her Instagram page) and check out her store on Society 6 for some truely awesome Skellie products.

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