3 Things To Watch If You Love Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe not the white sheet style of ghost, but the haunting of spirits who are unable to move on? Whether you believe in the afterworld, the afterlife and the afterwards ghosts are a pinnacle of the classic horror genre along with vampires, werewolves, and zombies.

Because ff you were invited to a Monster Mash a ghost would definetly show up.

If you love ghosts in all their spooky kinds, you should check out some of these TV shows and movies that put the "ooooooh" back into haunting.

A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story is a hauntingly beautiful look of grief, love, loss and the enormity of existance, directed and written by David Lowery. Starring Casey Affleck and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo herself Rooney Mara, this 2017 movie is perfect the lovers of the classic ghost in a white sheet characature, as it follows the untimely death of C and his inability to move on without some kind of sign. As the white-sheet wearing C follows the dispair of his young wife M (Mara, who portrays such a strong visual representation of grief as she devours a pie and then throws it up) he soon discovers more than just the passing life of his wife and he becomes privy to the haunting past of the area, and the bleek future of his home.

A Ghost Story tells a story that is primarily unspoken, and allows viewers to read between the lines. It is a fantastic portrayl and in true arthouse cinema style, is perfectly quoiffed. If you want to watch something that is more than a classic horror haunting, watch this movie!

American Horror Story: Murder House

The first season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story stole the show and was arguably the most notorious of all seven seasons of the anthology series (though I still love the Coven season more!) but if you're looking for some fucked up ghost hauntings than you can't go past the Murder House! In classic haunting style, a modern LA family made up of Connie Britton, Taissa Farmer, and Dylan McDermott, move into a creepy cool house to try and work on reconnecting as a family. But soon strange things start happening, as the old decreipt housekeeper Moira appears to McDermott as a sexy red-head, Britton is visited and impregnanted by a mysterious man in a gimp suit, and Farmer befriends one of her father's patients with serious psychological problems.

The hauntings of Murder House all take a sexy and twisted turn on the classic visited-by-ghosts scenarios and the strange events lead to some pretty shocking surprises and conclusions by the end of the series. As you move through the stories of the people that haunt this home and inhabit it, it also comes across with one hell of a dramatic haunting as Evan Peter's character Tate takes to a school shooting dressed in head to toe skeleton make up - sparking the imagery that becomes centre stage in the other seasons of American Horror Story.


Who you gonna call? You can't talk about ghosts unless you talk about the classic comedic tale of Ghostbusters. The original starred genius' Bill Murray, Dan Aykroid, and Signourney Weaver as former parapsychology professors (and a receptionist/love-interest) who set up shop as ghost hunters in New York City, running around with containment packs and solving paranormal problems. The crux of the story is that the Ghostbusters are called on to their biggest haunting yet when they discover a new building could resurrect an anciemt Hittite God who wants to take up residence in Signourney Weaver (because why wouldn't you?)

Ghostbusters is a cult phenomenon which spawned a sequel and a reboot starring an all-women cast of Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth taking all the iconic Weaver role (which was a pretty excellent reboot if I do say so myself) but if you are in the mood for some good old-fashion ghost busting than you can't go past the Murray masterpiece!

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