Revisiting Goth In The Raw

If we're revisiting the amazing work of Christine McConnell thanks to her new Netflix show, it seems only fair to pay another visit to my other favourite baker - Goth in the Raw.

This awesome vegan powerhouse Adara O has been serving up some delicious treats since I last featured her on This Side of Sanguine and has been so helpful in answering my questions about getting her amazing shades of black in her food (Want to know a secret? It's activated charcoal!) that she's definetly worth another mention. Check out some of her amazing work below, which is also featured on her website and her Instagram.

Vegan Mausoleum Smoked Macadamia Nut And Wild Truffle Cheese

Lilacs Lure: Raw Vegan Blueberry Lavenger and Vanilla Hemp Mylk

Corvus: Raw Vegan Chocolate Avocado and Black Tahinit Mousse with Raw Cacao Nibs

Raw Vegan Cardamom and Vanilla Marbled Cashew Cheesecake Bars with Black Cacao and Coffee Crust

Raw Wildberry and Blueberry Cardmom Tart

Black Bean Pesta with Dragon Kale and Dandelion Pesto with Shaved Walnuts

Raw Vegan Black Chocolate Cherry and Rosemary Tarts Adorned with Vampire Bats

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