Alternative Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Having a bit more of a decadent and fabulous looking Halloween this year? Well avoid the scarily cut pumpkins and get a bit more creative.

I love the idea of having alternative painted pumpkins as decorations, and while it's still just as DIY it's less messy and more pretty. Here are two of my favourite alternative pumpkin designs for your next Halloween bash:

The Pretty Pumpkin

If you are looking for something more sweet rather than scary you can do one of my favourite ideas which is making a water colour pumpkin! To make you’re own water colour pumpkin, simply follow the straight forward instructions found at Lines Across

The Punky Pumpkin

If you're looking for something punky and cool try spray-painting your pumpkin gold or black and then sticking metallic spikes, hammering in gold nails or adding decorative chains down it. You can follow instructions on how to create your own crackled and studded pumpkins at the Classy Clutter website.

So what pumpkins are you going to go with this Halloween - classic, pretty or punky? Or maybe something completely different! Let me know your favourite designs in the comments section below.

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