The Best Horror Profiles For Your Instagram Feed

I am obsessed with Instagram. I treat it like a photo diary of the people I hang out with, the cool and interesting places I go, the clothes that I wear, the food that I eat, and the quotes that I love. I also love to follow Instagram influencers with a similar style or passion as me, so needless to say there are quite a number of gothic and horror style profiles that I follow.

If you need a bit of horror inspiration, or are just want super dark yet super stimulating content in your Instagram feed, check out some of these stars:

Goth in the Raw

I've spoken about Goth in the Raw and her incredible vegan meals before, but her Instagram profile is a must have for your feed, even if you aren't a vegan. With the style of a Victorian goth, an LGBTIQ and vegan activist and an all round cool chick, Goth in the Raw features perfectly decorated charcoal-dyed food, coffin shaped containers, drinks in batwing glasses, accents of fake spiders, tombstones and steampunk detail, and celebrations of all thing horror, gothic, and vegan. It's like someone gave Morticia Addams an Instagram profile.

Tequila Star

Goth model Tequila Star is easily mistaken as an ambassador for the ultra cool gothic lifestyle and clothing brand Killstar Co. A self-proclaimed "worldwide witch" and "lone wolf" this vegan showcases what it means to relax by yourself. Complete with beautifully luxurious baths, on point dark fashion and styling, inspiring photo shoots, and a healthy dose of pet photos, Tequila Star's perfectly curated dark world will draw you in like nothing else.

Gizelle Sweet

I met Gizelle Sweet by accident at a comic book festival and she is just absolutely an amazing person with an inspiring retro horror festish Instagram page. Focusing on horror, festishism, beauty and witchcraft, Gizelle's feed is full of dark video snippets, perfectly curated make up selfies and screen grabs that will have any horror fan jumping for joy to see!

Death Candy

Death Candy has a very similar vibe to Tequila Star and is basically a walking talking ambassador for Killstar Co, Featuring horror and gothic style photo shoots, product placements, and horror screengrabs, Death Candy puts the candy in gothic styling.


Leanna Vamp is the self-proclaimed "Ghoul of your dreams", as well as a ghosthunter, horror lover and pinup model. Leanna Vamp regularly visit spooky places around the world, has sizzlingly sexy photo shoots, dons heaps of cosplay with a horror twist theme, and works on broadcasting her own youtube videos via her website. Leanna is gorgeous, dark, and a horror queen worth following!

Cervena Fox

Cervena Fox is a tattoo artist, a model, and a burlesque dancer with red and black dyed hair and a dark personality. Her Instagram pages are filled with sexy photo shoots, behind the scenes features from her modelling jobs, performances, and events, as well as dark performance pieces. More burlesque than straight up product goth, Cervena Fox is definitely a horror lover worth following!

Christine McConnell

I've spoken about Christine McConnell and her curious creations before, but the Tim Burton style retro housewife's Instagram page is a must have for any horror fan. Christine is known for making epic cakes, cookies, croissants, and other edibles into elements of popular culture icons. She's made an Alien Facehugger out of cookie, an alien spaceship out of cake, tarantulas out of chocolate and butterscotch, and has turned her parents home into a work of pure sculptured evil. Her photo shoots and her food is legendary and even scored her own Netflix show because of it!


Mykie is an absolutely gorgeous make up artist and model who runs the youtube make up channel Glam and Gore. Showcasing her absolute love of horror, Mykie's Instagram page is filled with horror photo shoots when she transforms herself into demons, monsters, bloody faces, and popular horror characters like Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Intermixed with normal selfie shoots showcasing her incredible make up skills, Mykie is worth following on all platforms for her amazing skill in creating horrific looks perfect for a big screen horror movie.

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