The Best Horror Trope Music Videos

Rock bands have made some pretty epicly scary music videos to accompany some haunting melodies, and while there are some that are just simply downright disturbing (and I'm looking at you Robbie Williams) or some that are just fucked up (Hey there Marilyn Manson!) there are some that are so on point when it comes to taking the classic horror movie trope and putting it to an epic tune. Here are some of the best horror trope music videos of all time, as decided by me, your resident horror expert:

Thriller by Michael Jackson

It's not a list of the best horror music videos without mentioning the most iconic music video of all time - Michael Jackson's Thriller. Running at approx 13 minutes, Thriller is a homage to both vintage B-grade horror movies and 80's zombies pictures. As a mini horror movie itself, Jackson turns into a werewolf and a zombie on a classic 50's style movie date before hunting down his girl with the most iconic zombie-themed dance ever.

Narrated by the one and only Vincent Price as well, Thriller has cemented itself as probably not just the best horror trope music video, but probably the best music video of all time. Plus, it's one of Jackson's most iconic and famous jams.

Disturbia by Rhiannna

I loved Rhianna's Disturbia because it not only was the video so damn disturbing, but the song was an absolute pop rock lover's banga! Featuring creepy imagery, spasmodic demonic like movements, grimey locations, witch burnings, and Rhianna's epic rockstar glam looks from her 2007 days, Disturbia is a mix of haunted horror and the waiting room of a gothic brothal. It's tame compared to some of the other videos out there, but I think that';s what I like about it - you can be sexy, dark, and disturbing without killing animals and skinning humans.

Thank God It's Friday by Ice Nine Kills

The song itself is a homage to the classic horror movie Friday the 13th and even features the lines of Jason's mother from the original movie, but the Thank God It's Friday music video really puts the homage all together. Set in a Camp Crystal Lake type location complete with bonfire singalongs, naughty camp counsellors, and the hockey mask wearing killer himself, there are scenes of the band rocking out covered in blood mixed in. Ice Nine Kills absolutely kills the Friday the 13th homage in this killer rock song, and even released the song on the Friday 13th July.

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

The film clip for Everybody Talks by the pop band Neon Trees takes a huge step away from the rock god image of dripping blood and senseless violence, but it makes the list because it immulates the perfect horror trope of the 1950's while still being accessable for it's younger, poppier audience.

Set in a drive in movie theatre in 50's muscle cars and vintage milk bars, the Neon Trees enjoy a showing of "Zombie Bikers From Hell" which coincedentally also stars them as a vintage rockers in a cabin in the woods who are being hunted by less terrifying zombie bikers. Back in the drive in movie theatre though, no body seems to notice as the slutty retro roller-skater like waitress is pciking off boys and devouring them in a demonic like matter as well.

The film clip is campy and fun, and very reminiscient of the 50's days and their take on horror. It won't scare your socks off, but it's a fun 5 minutes.

First of the Year (Equinox) by Skillrex

Far from obviously haunting, First of the Year (Equinox) takes a twist on horrors of modern life but is able to pull in homages to moumental horror images and ideas. The music video features a very obvious child predator (complete with 80's style glasses and a trench coat) who is then in turn attacked by a smoking, demonic prescence with glowing eyes. Reminisent of the modern-day terror of corrupting innocent children, the music video takes on the horror trope of classics such as Children of the Corn and The Omen.

Widely regarded as one of the more horrorifying music videos around, Skillrex proves they aren't afraid to take a hard edge to their rocking electronica.

Tell me, did I miss any? Comment your suggestions below!

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