I Tried Loot Fright And Here's What I Thought

Forget internet shopping and magazine subscriptions - these days you can sign up to get just about anything delivered to your door, and if you are anything like me receiving a box of goodies your purchased earlier feels like getting a special present from yourself.

This is exactly what loot boxes are. Depending on what you're into, you can get boxes to fit any type of interest, from the Young Adult book subscription Owl Crate to the box of gifts for the lonely hearts with SingleSwag. They make great presents, or even just as something to "treat yo'self" but it is generally filled with a few items that will interest you or bring some joy into your life. I've personally never signed up for one but when I saw the Loot Fright box that was advertising a Bride of Chucky themed box I thought it would be a good idea.

The idea is that these loot boxes are treated like a present and that you kind of forget that it's coming, so when you get your package delivered to your door it's a surprise. I was a bit skeptical to begin with, as I made the order in November and the box wasn't delivered until February. I've had this happen to me before, where I made a subscription to receive some Horror Study academic journals that were on back order and I was not informed as such, so am still yet to receive the items. However, this Loot Fright box came in the allotted time without any hassles so I didn't have anything to worry about it when it came to receiving the box.

Loot Fright is part of a Loot Crate company that also specialise in other boxes, including Loot Wear, Loot Anime, Loot Gaming, and other themed Loot Boxes like Harry Potter, Halo, and Star Wars. I obviously went with Loot Fright being the horror aficionado that I am, and so I was promised a box full of ghoulish gear and unique horror collectables.

This is exactly what I got. When I opened my gift I was given a Bride of Chucky themed wool blanket (it's super colourful and cute and reminds me of the kind of designs you can get from Wicked Clothing), a T-shirt with a picture of Dracula on it that said "Love Sucks" (which I loved and wore on Valentine's Day), a collection of beautifully designed Universal Monster Valentines Day cards (The Creature of the Black Lagoon's says "I love you to the lagoon and back") as well as a horror themed silver bookmark and some horror enamel pins. They were all unique items you wouldn't find anywhere else, and they were spectacular!

After I made my order and the Loot Fright was sent to me, I paused my subscription. The ease of doing this was extremely uncomplicated, and it meant that I wasn't locked in to get another box if I didn't like the upcoming theme (The next one was The Fly which I didn't really want to get) and I could also see how I liked this first boxes worth of goodies.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting these items in the mail as they were things I liked but probably wouldn't have bought myself. You end up being exposed to new ideas, new artists, and new styles you may never have thought of, and I enjoyed coming home to a cute little present. I highly recommend getting yourself a Loot Crate, but definitely make sure it appeals to your sensibilities and your interests. I will definitely be watching to see what the next Loot Fright theme will be and will be gladly getting another box delivered!

If you want to sign up to get your own Loot Fright box, click here.

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