Wiccan Rituals: How To Read Tarot Cards

You've probably noticed recently there has been a bit of a focus on astrology and tarot card readings recently and that is because I have been opening up to learn how to read these universal signs, even if taken with a pinch of salt.

It's been a fascinating journey, and one that has been very specific in some ways, but I need to stress that it's not some peak into the dark realm and contact made with the Devil, it's actually a very interesting ritual that is more to do with connection to yourself and the world around you, rather than the Underworld. Try it for yourself and see.

What you need:

What you need is a tarot card deck to do your reading. You can choose any kind of deck you would like but I strongly suggest you do a reading with a deck that speaks to you. Consider the artwork, the design, and the spiritual longing and choose a deck that works for you. I also strongly recommend that you also use some form of blessing stick in your reading, such as a sage smudge stick or some Palo Santo. You don't need this blessing necessarily, but I find it's a great way to get yourself into the mindset to read the cards.

Step 1: Create the space

Set yourself up into a space that works for you. I usually do tarot card readings when I feel like it is necessary in my heart and when the decks pull to me, so set yourself up to make yourself comfortable. You can use a tarot card cloth, light a candle, and commit to your blessing. I usually pull out my notebook and pen, take the cards out, and then light a Palo Santo smudge stick, letting the smoke rise up over the cards that I hold above it.

Step 2: Create the intention

While blessing the cards with a Palo Santo smudge stick I usually ask the universe for guidance and ask for the cards to be blessed. I think of the question I want to ask and set the intention that the cards will show me the answer.

Step 3: Shuffle the deck

Concentrate on your question and your intent while you shuffle your deck. I use The Wild Unknown's standard for breaking and shuffling the deck in front of me, which you can read here.

Step 4: Lay the cards out

Once you are satisfied with your shuffling and breaking of the deck, it is time to lay the cards out in the appropriate spread. There are heaps of different spreads you can use, such as past, present, future, The Lover's Spread, situation, action, outcome, and hundreds more. I like to use The Lover's Spread as I usually require information based on my love life, but I also love to use the layouts available at The Wild Unknown here.

Step 5: Read the cards

Once your cards are laid out in front of you, it is time to read them based on the spread you have provided. Start from the first card and read into the meaning of each one, taking the time to consider and pull out the answers you seek. I always use Biddy Tarot to determine my readings and tarot card meanings and I highly recommend you do so by clicking here.

I write the key points of each meaning into my notebook and determine the action and the answer to my question of intention through this intensive story telling and reflecting stage. At each point I have always received some kind of sign to each question I have posed to the universe. This is the beauty of tarot card reading - it is never precise, but the meanings are so all-encompassing that you will take what you need out of the cards and be able to turn it into some kind of action. That is why I have really taken to tarot card readings, and I hope you will be able to as well!

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