Why You Should Cross Over To The Twilight Zone

For those who have been fans of horror and sci fi for decades will recall the 1959 classic black and white TV show The Twilight Zone. Created by Rod Serling, the man with the golden tongue and the way with words, this eerie TV show was a fantasy/horror/mystery hybrid where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary situations.

These situations, while not always pleasant in ending, involve remarkable solutions with twists that famed twist director M. Night Shamalayan wouldn't even see coming, Starring some of the 50's most revered actors of the time, The Twilight Zone anthologies showcase the world in a way that it wasn't and cemented itself as a founding father of the industry.

And now, thanks to the esteemed engaging director Jordan Peele - the mind behind some of the most clever and eerie projects in cinemas today (Us, Get Out) The Twilight Zone has had the current reboot trend injection - but this time around, Peele doesn't get it wrong.

With most reboots such as Charmed, it seems that Hollywood has run out of impressive ideas and can't seem to live well enough alone. But Peele has kept Rod Serling's vision alive by putting a newer spin on some of his older stories. The best example is Nightmare at 30,000 feet, which is a Twilight Zone classic that has spun many parodies - most notably in an episode of The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror. The classic story sees a man on an airplane seeing a "gremlin on the side of the plane" which no one else can see, and havoc ensues as the man tries to warn passengers and get the plane down safely to an incredulous twist.

In Peele's reboot, comedy legend Adam Scott stars as a journalist on his way to Tel Aviv only to discover a playlist on an old walkman that chronicles the journey of a flight that crashed - his flight that he is currently on. As Scott tries to find the cause of the plane crash and ensure the safety of the flight, he unwittingly begins a whole new disturbing chain of events that sets everything in motion.

This change up in the story from the gremlin to the walkman is a unique and modern take on the story, and works almost more effectively than the original tale. Each episode also includes cute little Easter eggs and homages to the previous episodes so the visitation of a gremlin stuffed toy on a beach is a welcome sight. Adam Scott drives the story extremely well, and Peele's chilling narration makes this an episode of the new Twilight Zone that is hard to forget.

But the impact doesn't simply stop at the reboot's second episode. With ten episodes starring some very famous faces, including Seth Rogan, Ginnfer Goodwin, John Cho, Chris O'Dowd, 30 Rock's Tracey Morgan, The Walking Dead's Steven Yuen, and American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga each story gets it's own unique twist and intelligent take on the original, and makes it a reboot that not only should be watched, it NEEDS to be watched.

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