The Most Horrific Horror Movies Ever

There's not a lot of horror movies that I can't stomach. Despite the fact I can sometimes be a bit of a weenie when it comes to gore, I can usually handle my horror pretty well.

Until these movies came along.

Yes that's right. There are some movies that are too much to handle, and these are it for me. Please note that there are spoilers.


A 1989 movie that promises elite societies and orgies doesn't sound like too much of a horror movie, and in all honesty it sounded right up my alley so I decided to give it a go. It was a weird movie, and not just for the 80's haircuts and general style weirdness. Society is about a rich teenage boy who is extremely paranoid that his family are incestuous. They certainly give that vibe, and soon his sister's ex-boyfriend reveals to him that she's actually part of a weird orgy cult for the social elite. While they do a shockingly bad job of keeping him out of the loop, the boys paranoia grows until he discovers the truth - and the truth will haunt you forever.

The end orgy scene is like chucking the Blob into a porn scene. It's disturbing, and it's disgusting, and I dont think I can ever look at lube (or fisting) the same way again. They all start disturbingly blending into one another, body parts going everywhere, skin melting together, glistening under the red lights that make it somehow even worse. The poor sap that they are "feeding" on - for lack of a better term - gets absolutely fisted by an old man so hard that the old man's hand comes out through his mouth. This same horrifying idea happens again further into the scene, where the main character ends up being the one doing the fisting. He shoves is fist so far into a man's ass that his fingers pop his eyeballs out, his hands grab onto his mouth and he pulls him inside out through his ass.

Who the hell came up with that shit? #disturbed.

Society is weird. Weird shit happens and I kind of wanted to throw up while I watched that final orgy scene. Take away the concerning incestuous story line, and the 80's high school Breakfast Club like drama and you have a truly horrifying movie. I actually gasped it was that bad, and not just terrible acting bad.

I Spit On Your Grave

For a very very long time, I Spit On Your Grave (the 2010 version) had the top title of the worst film I had ever seen based on the horrific events. It feels so fucking real, and it brings to life every woman's worst nightmare.

The show takes place in an isolated cabin retreat where a young female writer is trying to work on her new book. This terrifies me because it is EXACTLY what I would do. The woman is brutally attacked and raped by a gang of rednecks who essentially leave her to die from the horrific injuries they have inflicted on her, and when she escapes and gets some strength back she decides to seek revenge on her attackers.

Now usually, I am not one to celebrate a man having his penis chopped off and force fed to him, but the attack on the main character is so brutal you could pretty much get PTSD just from watching it. Sarah Butler is the actor that plays Jennifer the writer, and her performance is so spot on you feel like you are watching a real life rape scene on film. I Spit On Your Grave is definitely not for the faint of heart - or really anyone who has a heart.

The Hills Have Eyes

Many people have said that the 2006 horror movie The Hills Have Eyes was scary but not horrific, but I have to beg to differ. I watched The Hills Have Eyes as part of my October 31 day horror movie challenge back in 2017 and it won my Most Horrifying Horror Movie Award. The reason for this is down to the attack on the human essence.

The story is about a suburban American family being stalked by a group of mutants in the New Mexico desert. The movie features a horrifying rape scene where the eldest daughter (played by Emilie De Raven, one of my favourite actresses) is raped in her caravan by a mutant, a threatening scene with a new mother, and a kidnapping of a baby with a desperate search for the child thrown in. It's horrifying real, and one of the most traumatic films out there.

The Human Centipede

Now this film is so horrific sounding that I haven't even watched it yet and it still ends up on my list of the most horrific horror movies ever - and they made three of them! The Human Centipede is a 2009 horror movie about a mad scientist who kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede, created by stitching their mouths to each others' rectums.

This is disgusting. Imagine having your mouth stitched to someone's ass. Imagine when that first person poops, you have to eat it and then poop it out to the next person. This happens in this movie! And not only that, two of the human centipedes die, leaving them stitched to two dead bodies.

Apparently the concept of the film arose from a joke director Tom Six made with friends about punishing a child molester by stitching his "mouth to the ass of a very fat truck driver." but I can't even fathom how they managed to get any funding for this film, let alone for three more. I can tell you that I will never watch The Human Centipede.

So what do you reckon? What do you think you should be on the list as one of the most horrifying horror movies ever? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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