The Outbreak Continues

As a special treat just for my birthday today, I wanted to surprise you all with a sneak peek look at my brand new horror/sci fi novel that will be coming out in just two months time. That's right, I would like to introduce you to Cosmic Decay: Debris, the sequel to my popular novel Cosmic Decay: Contamination, and the second book in the three part series.

I will be selling off previous copies of Contamination for sale price in just three days at Gamma.con, Australia's rural pop culture convention, on the 3rd August, as the Cosmic Decay series has officially changed hands with publishers and is now sitting specifically with Shooting Star Press.

With a name change and rebrand, it's going to be epic, and I wanted to give you guys an exclusive first look! Cosmic Decay: Debris with be officially launching at Conflux in September, with the third and final installment looking to make its way into book stores in 2020.

Cosmic Decay: Contamination follows a small group of survivors living amongst a ruined Earth, fighting against hordes of zombie-like humans dubbed the Mindless. They are privy to the arrival of Visitors from another world, who are hoping to settle on the dying Earth. In order to survive, the group must defend themselves against the Visitors and the Mindless by unravelling the connection between the two and waging war to reclaim the ownership of the Earth.

In Cosmic Decay: Debris the battle is over but the war is not won, as the remaining survivors move eastwards in search of a new home. They are taken in by another group of survivors who have a connection to their past and a thirst for knowledge on the Visitors who created the Mindless contamination. But soon their newfound knowledge is put to the test as the rest of the fleet of Visitors arrive looking to finish what the initial settlers started.

Now faced with vastly greater numbers and personalised vendettas, the survivors race to defend their planet from the Visitors and secure their home from the Mindless. And when a mysterious and dangerous connection between the Visitors and Victoria’s unborn child comes to light, the group must question if hope is still worth fighting for in a world that seems to be empty of it.

Sounds good right? Well get ready to buy the first installment from Gamma.con on the 3rd August, or shop online at Shooting Star Press to get your copy in September!

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