The Best International Horror Movies

Horror movies are not synonymous with Western culture - in fact, Asian countries have been known for their terrifying horror movies that keep people up at night. Fighting fright with subtitles, here are some of the best international horror movies you should be watching.

Train to Busan

This 2016 South Korean's horror flick is one of the best I have ever seen! Set on a train bound for Busan in South Korea, a zombie virus breaks out and the passengers struggle to survive the start of the apocalypse on the fast moving train. Train to Busan has heaps of subtitles in it due to it being in Korean, but the story is so well told, the actors so believable, that you could watch the movie without subtitles and still know what is going on. You are taken on a fast-paced, blood-soaked ride from start to finish and you never get left behind - something I find a lot of subtitled movies tend to do. Do yourself a favor and climb aboard.


Dumplings is a 2004 Chinese movie about Aunt Mei, a famous cook known for her dumplings that provide youthful rejuvenation to the eater in the same sort of way that Elizabeth Bathory bathed in the blood of virgins to stay youthful. Only this time, the secret ingredient to youth is aborted fetus'. The movie is pretty disturbing, with ASMR sound effects, close up shots of people eating very disgusting looking things, and a pretty sinister story line overall, but Dumplings does kind of go nowhere if you're looking to be disturbed but not too creeped out.


This 2007 Spanish film is the original creator of one of my favourite horror movies, Quarantine, and is about a TV reporter and her cameraman who cover a night shift at a local fire station, only to be called out to an apartment building and get trapped inside. Unbeknownst to them, a dramatic virus has broken out within the apartment building, and the reporter films their fight for survival. Rec is a damn good film, as are the sequels that follow it, and the camcorder filming technique really makes you feel like you are right there in the action. It's worth a look if you want to feel like you are right there!

Dead Snow

Everyone loves killing Nazi zombies right? Well that is exactly what happens in the Norwegian horror film Dead Snow. Made in 2009, the story follows a group of medical students on a ski vacation who are confronted with Hitler-loving members of the undead. Inspired by Call of Duty: World at War, there isn't really anything not to like behind the idea of killing Nazi's, and adding the zombie element makes it all the more enjoyable.


This 2017 Spanish horror movie is now on Netflix and apparently sent a lot of people to bed scared. Veronica is about a teenage girl in Madrid in 1991 who finds herself possessed by an evil supernatural force after she plays with a Ouija board with her friends one night. Based on true events of a girl named Estefania Lazaro, this horror movie has a lot of classic elements in it that would make it enjoyable to any horror movie fan out there.

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