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It is the end of an era! The best horror/sci fi TV show ever, Supernatural, is finalising it's series with season fifteen, out October 10th and fan girls everywhere are weeping at the idea of saying goodbye to Sam and Dean Winchester.

The 2005 series created by Eric Kripke has been one of the longest running shows ever, and has had dedicated fans and followers throughout the series, never wavering in their fandom and proving that blood is thicker than water. Starring hotties Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki and Misha Collins, getting to be seen behind the scenes shows that Supernatural really put the "family" in family business.

Best Intro Card - Season Two

Fifteen seasons into Supernatural saw fifteen different versions of the TV show's title card including plain, fire, ghostly thunderclouds, angel wings, blood dispersing in water, glass shattering, an explosion of mist, an explosion of hieroglyphics, burning angel wings, demonic black smoke with a pentagram, white and black smoke, fiery Men of Letters symbols, an inverted cross and more fiery wings. Mixed into those intro cards were also special cards for different themed episodes, including take offs of The Wizard of Oz, classic monster movies and The X-Files, a burning map, a wedding cake, as well as an 80's sitcom style comedy card. Personally my favourite is the rainbow coloured sparkly goo that splatters on screen during season seven's episode Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, but the best one has to be from season two.

Season two features bursting flames of Hell which then form a pentagram, focusing on the key component of the Devil's Trap. It is quintessentially Supernatural, and one that tells of tales told.

Best Character Intro - Death

Many fans can contest whether Castiel's introduction to the series is the best, but it has to be the introduction of Death, played by Julian Richings. Featuring a slow-motion epic walk of the wizened old character to the song "O'Death" by Jen Titus, Death is bumped into by a businessman on his phone. Annoyed, Death brushes his shoulder and the man falls down dead. It's epic, it's beautiful, and it's one of the most memorable moments on the show.

Best Villain - Lucifer

The best villain of all time has to be the ultimate villain - Lucifer. Played by Mark Pellegrino, who embodied Lucifer when his true vessel Sam was unavailable, Lucifer quickly became the villain everyone loved so much that he was brought back time and time again. Played as an eloquent, passionate, sarcastic character, his insults and cruelty is unparalleled, even as the role is passed to washed up rocker Vince Vincente and even the President of the United States. Pellegrino plays Lucifer which suave, he is instantly a character you can confusingly fall in love with.

Best Alternate Reality - Scooby-Doo Universe

This was a hard one to decide. Dean and Sam have entered many different parallel universes for various different reasons, including where Sam had said yes to being Lucifer's host body, a wooded world ruled by monsters, and a universe mostly consumed by Gods. One of the best alternate realities has to be The French Mistake in season six, where Sam and Dean discover they are characters on a TV show called Supernatural (Genevieve Padelecki - Jared's REAL wife and co-star who played Ruby in the earlier seasons) but the ultimate alternate reality has to be season thirteen's Scoobynatural where Sam and Dean are sucked into the TV and come out in the animated world of Scooby-Doo. While Dean tries his best to hit on Daphne, and Sam rubs Velma the wrong (or is it right?) way, the brothers discover that people are dying for real and have to try and find their way out of the animated reality. It's a classic episode that cements Supernatural for being the best at one-off mystery episodes, and is a fan favourite everywhere.

Best Re-Occurring Character - Bobby Singer

No one has been more missed as the reoccurring character of Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beavers. Bobby was the pseudo-father figure for the boys whenever John Winchester was out of the picture, but Bobby's gruff and cantankerous nature often softened when the boys had difficulty communicating to each other, and when hunts needed back up and help. Wise, funny under pressure, stubborn and influential, there was no one better than Bobby as a reoccurring character within the show. Even after his death and eventual reappearance the character of Bobby's presence is still felt strongly - namely in the show's unofficial catch phrase "family don't end in blood."

Best Death - Mary Winchester and Jessica in "Pilot"

Pretty much every character has died in Supernatural, and they have all been pretty sad. The saddest has to be the death of Charlie (played by Felicia Day) who became a fan favourite essentially because she was a nerdy lesbian who was funny and also wasn't a threat to the fan girls favourites of Sam and Dean (love interests are killed off pretty quickly in the show to appease the fans). Despite this though, the best death has to be the ones of Mary Winchester and Sam's girlfriend Jessica in the pilot simply because they are the reason the boys go a'hunting and start off this crazy universe. The death of Jessica has also been extremely final, so it's one of the only deaths that have actually stuck.

Best Death of Sam or Dean - Dean's multiple deaths in "Mystery Spot"

Sam and Dean died multiple times in the show, to the point where it has been counted that Dean and Sam have died over 100 times in the first 11 seasons alone. In fact, it seemed to be the crux of the final episode of the seasons - one of them would die, and the other would go to great lengths at getting them back. From being fatally stabbed by the yellow eyed demon, needing to talk to a reaper, selling your soul to Hell/Heaven/Purgatory, being eaten by Hell hounds, and falling into the gate designed to keep Lucifer in, there is always a 99% chance that they would come back from the dead.

Forget the deaths that were heartrendingly sad, the best deaths of either Sam or Dean has to be the multiple deaths of Dean Winchester in the season three episode of "Mystery Spot". Stuck in a Trickster set loop, Dean is killed off in many hilarious, accidental ways that made it as one of the funniest moments for fans, including being electrocuted multiple times, hit by lightning, run over by a car, being poisoned, choked, and even having a piano fall on his head. It was done in montage, and damn was it entertaining.

Want more info on Sam and Dean's deaths? Check out this handy infographic.

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