The Best One Stop Shops For All Your Witchcraft Supplies

Finding a place that sells authentic supplies for any spells or craftwork you may be doing can be a bit tricky. Luckily for you, I have tried and tested a few stores myself and have found you some of the best places to gather your ingredients for your cauldron!

Haus of Hoodoo

Haus of Hoodoo is my number one recommendation for all authentic witchcraft supplies. Run by Jessyka Winston in New Orleans, Jessyka's beautiful store is as authentic as you can get! She sells candles, oils, spiritual bath blends, colognes, perfumes and smudges that are all made lovingly in her shop, but she also provides spiritual consulations in store if you ever get a chance to visit!

Shipping to Australia is a bit exxy, but Haus of Hoodoo's products are totally worth it!

The Vodou Store

Run out of Chicago, the Vodou Store was created in reflection of creator Allan Spiers' initiated religion of Haitian Vodou, so the supplies sold here are the real deal for sure! The shop sells everything you might need, including candles and labels to make your own fixed candles, amulets and bags, washes and oils, hand rubs, fixing blends, graveyard dirt taken from graves of solders, children and adults, and at crossroads, divination tools, bones, spirit flags and even gris-gris mojo bags and actual voodoo dolls!

Sorceress Sundries

Sorceress Sundries is based in Australia and so is the perfect place to gather all the smaller less-specialty items you might need for your spells, including votive and taper candles, incense, pouches, crystals, oils, and smudges. There is also a great blog that helps to decipher some witchcraft style teachings, such as moon phasing, candle magic meanings, and other such things.

The Conjure Goddess

I used to shop a lot at The Conjure Goddess store because it was cheaper shipping to Australia than some of the other supply stores, but I found their need for community engagement online was a bit precious, and just wasn't vibing with the general approach. However, despite my personal move away from The Conjure Goddess, it's still a beautiful store with excellent products, including fixed candles, oils, ancestor money, colognes, bath blends and soaps. The Voodoo Pussy fixed candle was one of my favourites.

Photo of Jessyka Winston by Enthroned

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