Best Infection Movies To Ride Out Self-Isolation

It's been a terrible start to the year with fires, locus plagues, freak hailstorms and now the COVID-19 epidemic that has swept through the world, shutting down public places and events, and forcing people to self-isolate. It's like something out of a horror movie, but without the cool rising of the zombies.

For those who are sitting around their homes, waiting for the world to end, I have come up with a few movies that I might help you pass the time, but also give you some positive vibes that at least you're not in that world!

28 Days Later

One of the most iconic zombie movies is a perfect flick to put on while you're waiting out the coronavirus. The zombies in this film aren't reanimated dead, but rather are sick people infected with a rage virus that is highly contagious. When Cillian Murphy wakes up from a coma in the hospital he finds that London is a desolate wasteland just 28 days after the virus spread. Good news though, it's been more than 28 days since this virus spread!


Another post-apocalyptic road movie, Carriers is centred of a group of uninfected people, led by Chris Pine and Piper Perabo, who head out to a small resort town that they believe is infection-free, where they plan to wait out the pandemic that sweeps through America. It's not cheerful, it's probably a little more likely after the events of COVID-19, but its a good way to pass the time while quarantined.


This awesome horror flick is one of my favourites and it will have you thankful that at least you haven't been plastic-zipped upside inside an apartment building with a bunch of zombies. This found footage film follows a reporter, her cameraman, and a few fire fighters into an apartment building when they are called out, only to discover that one of the residents has unleashed a zombie-like virus out into the world as part of a terrorist act.


Trapped in an isolated gas station, a group of people become the targets of a sinister parasite that transforms its still-living victims into deadly hosts with splinters coming out of their bodies. Half zombie, half virus and half alien hosts, Splinter is a parasite that you definitely don't want!

World War Z

Granted the book was way better, this Brad Pitt led movie follows a United Nations employee who seeks to find the source and cure of a viral epidemic that attaches itself to healthy hosts and infects them to become blood-hungry monsters. Travelling around the world in the epidemic, Pitt even hosts many vital scenes taking place at the World Health Organization, giving self-isolaters a good view as to what is going on behind the WHO doors.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Sparked as the sequel to the monster movie Cloverfield, this movie instead focus on a woman played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead who wakes up in a bunker and is told by her captor (played by John Goodman) that the world is toxic. Taking self-isolation to the max, she tries to find out if he truly is saving her from an infectious world, or if a more sinister reason is at play here.

I'd also tell you to watch I am Legend, but the dog dies in it. I'm not going to put you through that, We don't do animal deaths here!

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