Netflix and Thrills: Watching Horror Movies Is Good For Your Relationships!

In the 1950's it was pretty common place to take your date to a drive in movie theatre to watch some kind of spooky horror flick in order to get your date so scared and horny that they will have sex with you. That's legitimate right?

But whether or not it actually was a common occurrence, there definitely seems to be some truth in that. Watching horror movies together gives you a more likely chance to stay together, and here's why.

It helps you de-stress

According to Multiple studies, watching horror regularly actually helps you de-stress in the long term, even if you find watching these kinds of horror movies quite stressful. With high tension and terrifying scenes the adrenaline that is released into your body allows you to forget about your stress and put your worries into perspective, because even if your boyfriend liked a photo of another woman on Instagram at least you aren't being chased by a serial killer. It puts the stress into perspective.

It shows your vulnerability and can help you discuss your fears

A partner of mine wanted to watch Scary Stories in the Dark, and I told him I wouldn't watch the spiders-coming-out-of-the-face scene because it was one of my fears. He didn't know this about me, and in turn discovered a new fear about me that allowed me to be vulnerable with him. It could be anything - maybe you're scared of eyeballs being gouged out or creepy alive dolls, but sharing your vulnerabilities and your fears can help strengthen your relationship with another person.

It makes you want to get close

The 1950's were right - the adrenaline and other chemicals released in your brain while watching a scary movie gives you the need to be close to someone physically, and can give you a big dopamine dump. This means you are more likely to be in love, and close to someone after watching a horror film. See, I told you those drive in movie theatres were onto something good!

So next time you want to have a date night, go for something scary and thank me later! ;P

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