Immerse Yourself In One Of These Real Life Horror Experiences

Ever wanted to try your hand at being the star in a horror movie? There are so many ways you can see where you fit into the horror archetype and if you would likely survive, and thankfully many people have put together the opportunities when you can do just that! Will you survive these Fright Night experiences (if you survive coronavirus that is)?

Slasher Camp

Nestled in Arizona is a property called On Pins and Needles that is set up for all your perfect horror movie escapee needs, the most popular being a Friday the 13th escape game. The idea is the you have about half an hour to try and escape Jason, who is on the hunt for your blood. You search the area for weapons to defend yourself and solve the puzzles to escape, but the killers have access to these weapons too so you have to beat them out of the clock. All weapons are foam, and the killer an actor, but once you are killed you are out and have to exit the arena. There is no turning on other players or teaming up with the killer - it's a classic watch out for Jason scenario, and it sounds wicked.

Zombie Run

Mixing 5km marathons and horror may not seem too intense, but outrunning a zombie in the apocalypse is one of the most important skills you can have. Thankfully, there are heaps of ways you can put your skills to test like the Zombie Mud Run in Pennsylvania. Your goal is to get through a carefully planned obstacle course and marathon track that is absolutely covered in mud and muck in order to reach the safe zone, but look out! While you are trying to navigate your way to safety, there will be actors dressed in zombie garb making their way after you and infecting you before reaching your zone. Some different zombie runs allow you to chose whether you want to be a zombie or a human, and sometimes you have no choice when you're bitten, but there is no denying that being apart of a zombie run really gives you a reason to run!

Saw Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage, and many have horror or sinister themes to them, but the Saw Escape Room has outdone itself. Like usual Escape Rooms, this a fully immersive multi-room series of puzzles and obstacles that must be deciphered before the end of your time frame - except this one is themed after the blockbuster Saw franchise! In Saw, the Jigsaw killer provides a series of tests and puzzles that each person must overcome to learn from their mistakes and survive, so it's absolutely a perfect theme for an Escape Room, and there is one opening up in Melbourne soon!

So what do you reckon? Do you have what it takes to survive?

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