Wiccan Rituals: The Spiritual Healing of Crystals

I've always been a spiritual person. I was raised in a strictly Christian household, and while I don't practice a particular religion myself any more I am very open to hearing about the experiences and beliefs of the world and other cultures - especially if they are more naturalistic based.

As a vegan and an on-the-way environmentalist, I am trying to live in the best life I possibly can while utilising the Earth and its precious resources in a non-destructive way. Everything on this Earth has been put here for a reason, and I enjoy researching and discovering what they mean and how they are connected to the human race.

I've recently become very interested in the more natural-based religions and belief systems just as the Wiccan belief system. I love delving into the meaning of divination with Tarot Cards, burning Palo Santo and Sage for a cleansing feeling, and tracking great planetary alignments. Being exposed and learning about these beliefs has also allowed me to learn a great deal about the power of the crystal - and while you may write it off as a bunch of hooey, here are a few interesting things you should know about using crystals in healing your energies.

Why crystals?

Mystics and spiritual leaders have been using crystals to assist in the blocking of chakras for thousands of years, and have been known to be used by the likes of the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians as protective amulets and precious lores. The current boom in crystals was due to a collection of holistic-based therapies and philosophies that emphasized self-healing that became popular in the 70's - healing therapies such as cleansing of the chakra. These current therapies are based more on traditional concepts from Asian cultures, such as the Chinese concept of life-energy or qi, and the Hindu concept of chakras, which connects the physical and spiritual elements of the body.

The crystals have been assigned various properties and healing qualities - similar to that of your birthstones - and are used as prosperous signs to assist in healing. Scientifically, there is no proof that using crystals as conduits result in healthier bodies and heartier minds, but it is less about the evidence and more about the self-realisation and connection to feelings and emotions, resulting in positive actions towards change.

Why do you have to "charge" them?

In the same belief system of the unique properties of crystals, it is also widely believed that your crystals will require charging - not unlike plug in in your phone. Crystals are said to require "charging" because if they are used frequently for energy work or healing, the properties they possess can be drained and as a result negative or stagnet energies can replace them. By charging the crystals it is also said to prevent the growth of negativity and dispel the lingering negative energies that may influence you and the people who are around the crystals and stones.

How do you "charge" a crystal?

There are many ways to charge a crystal depending on the crystals element (is it Earth, Fire, Wind, or Water based?) One of the most popular ways is to leave the crystal out in the moonlight for three days prior and three days after a full moon, or even leaving them out in the sunlight, but doing both will change the energies because the moonlight and the sunlight provide different nutrients to the Earth.

Another way to charge an earth-element crystal is to bury the crystal in the earth for seven hours, or if the crystal has the element of water to it you can purify them by putting them in seawater or salt water for seven hours as well. One of my favourite charging method is for fire-element crystals, which involve burning a sage smudge stick and putting the crystal in the smoke.

If you want more information on the right way to charge your type of crystals check out Crystal and Jewellery here.

What do I use and why?

There are so many different types of crystals with so many different types of properties out there, and what you use and how you use it depends on what you feel is blocked or what energies you might want to utilise. Upon deciding to give crystal energy a go, these are methods of madness that I used:

Moonstone - The moonstone is a white iridescent crystal that generates nourishing, sensual and deeply feminine energy to heal and bring you back to wholeness. It is soothing, calming and it linked to water, but best charged in the moonlight. I utilise the moonstone as a necklace that was given to me by my mother and once belonged to my Great Aunt Helen. It's a beautiful necklace given to her by the love of her life who said he wanted to help her heal. Wearing the moonstone around my neck is a wonderful way to remember and honour my Great Aunt, but also feels me with nourishment when I am feeling lost and lonely.

Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz is a light pink crystal used for love rituals and ceremonies and is known for bringing love into newly harmonised emotions. Though this crystal is thought of as the stone of love, it is actually one of unconditional love and facilitates how love enters your life, helping you forgive and heal, as well as bringing about self-love. It is a water element and is said to be placed in your bedroom or the most right corner of your space.

Amethyst - Amethyst is one of the most well-known crystals with it's beautiful purple colours. With it's revered history, it is said to be a crystal to assist in detoxification from your addictions and can provide prosperity into your life. It is linked to the element of wind and has been highlighted as being a positive energy to the bedroom, or by drinking it.

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