Iconography: Paimon

I watched the horror movie Hereditary recently for my previous article about the most intelligent horror movies made, and while I was researching for this article I stumbled across a lot of information about Paimon, a demon icon that is recognisable along the lines of Baphomet, Lillith, Adam, Eve, and the other religious history. So after Hereditary I thought I would read a little more into Paimon and figure out exactly who he is.

King Paimon isn't as ambiguous as Baphomet is and he is seen as being subservient to Lucifer and one of the nine kings of Hell or Goetia, specifically the King of the West. He is first mentioned in the mid-17th century demonology grimoire Lesser Key of Soloman, which is divided into five separate sections/books. He is known to command a legion of spirits, which depending on the version you are taking into account, is made up of either 200 legions or 25 legions.

Described as a man riding a camel, precede by men playing loud music, but some occultists suggest Paimon's depiction actually derives from a Middle Eastern Pagan Goddess, giving Paimon a female face but with masculine pronouns. This fits in to the Hereditary idea of Paimon being able to move from female to male body, but preferring male.

The main important tidbit of information that if Paimon is ever summoned or seen alone, than an offering or sacrifice must be done to call King Beball and King Abalam, Paimon's two spirits who are set before the other legions. The reason Paimon might be summoned is because he has a vast knowledge of past and future events, clearing up doubts, creating visions, acquiring and dismissing servant spirits, reanimating the dead for several years, amongst other such powers.

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