What I Am Truly Afraid Of

It takes a lot for me to be scared. I'm the type of person who won't jump at jump scares, who will bravely walk around the house with a croquet mallet looking to hit the intruder, and honestly finds joy in watching horror movies. But that doesn't mean I don't get completely scared. There are things out there that terrify me, and to help me get over those fears I thought I would write an article about it.

Deep Water

I never used to be afraid of deep water, and regularly swim and snorkle in the ocean, but in recent years I have found myself contemplating what is found in deep water and it has absolutely boggled my mind. It started off as a questioning of submarines - why do all of the equipment that is used in a submarine look like it came out of the 70's? I know that due to pressure and depth it is required for the mechanics of a submarine to be reinforced, but why does it look like that? It's such old school technology that I just can't even fathom how it works!

Other than the use of crazy old school tech, deep water freaks me out because there is so much of the unknown under the surface. Megladon Sharks? Yeah they exist in deep recesses of water. Anglerfish with the lightbulbs attached to their heads? They are fucking swimming around the darkest part of water. Giant squids? Hell yeah the fucking Kraken exists! Basically I see the idea of deep water and how to becomes the crust of the Earth like the bit in Star Wars Episode One where Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kanobi, and Jar Jar Binks go through the planets core to get from Naboo to the Gungan City - and that's terrifying! There is seriously always a bigger fish.

Being Skinned Alive

Ugh. I blame Robbie Williams and his "Rock DJ" CD and music video for this one, where he systematically starts taking off his skin and dances around on stage just as a muscled anatomy poster. I saw this as a child and it TERRIFIED my since, causing fears of anatomy posters and the idea of waking up during an operation to find myself face to face with the inside of my body. No thank you. I think I would rather just die.

Good news is that I can now handle seeing skinned muscles in horror movies, but I'd really just rather not if that's ok?

Blood Eagle

A blood eagle is a form of torture that was well-documented amongst the Vikings and those from the Scandinavian area. Basically the victim would be strung up, their ribs would be broken and their lungs would be pulled out of their back and fixed into a position of wings like that of an eagle. It's a horrific form of torture where the victim slowly dies in pain, and while I didn't have a lot of exposure to it in a horror sense growing up, it was something that I learnt about in recent history and came to strongly dislike. I have too vivid an imagination to dwell on this type of torture.

And based on the blood eagle and the being skinned alive aspect of fear, I am dreading watching Midsommer during the 31 Day October Horror Movie Challange, as it features both forms of death. Hooray.

So what about you my little monster? Are you scared of anything that horror movies have made popular?

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