The Creepiest Online Tours For Your Isolation Entertainment

The chance of travelling to some far exotic and interesting places is extremely slim right now thanks to COVID-19, but with the use of zoom meetings and online spaces it seems that a brand new market is opening up in the world of virtual tourism.

We're dating online, working online and meeting our friends online, so why we can't visit some of our go to bucket list destinations online as well? Well, luckily for us you can now take 360 virtual tours of some of the creepiest - and most haunted - places ever in the world. Are you game to take one of these tours?

Dracula's Castle

Dracula's iconic mansion is actually based on the real life home of Vlad the Impaler in Bran, Romania. It is a bit hard to get to but spooky lovers all over the world love to visit this gothic castle and now thanks to Google you can too! Head to Google to check out the architecture of one of the world's most famous killers now and see if you can find any hidden doorways that lead to the coffin lined basement (probably).

Winchester Mystery House

Budding ghost hunters will know all about the Winchester Mystery House, an architectural wonder and historic landmark in San Jose, California. The personal residence of Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester - widow and heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune - the Winchester mansion was constantly under construction from 1886 to 1922 and was longheld rumours as to the true manner of the house.

Was she told to make the house by a psychic to house those who befell her husbands weapons? Why did construction never stop? These were only some of the mysteries that surrounded Winchester and now you can have a look inside the manor thanks to the official tourist website. It explains both the history and the horrors of the building, and builds on the atmosphere of the home.

The Conjuring House

For those who don't know, Ed and Lorraine Warren from The Conjuring series were real life ghost hunters and many of their spooky tales such as Annabelle and the home of Amityville are extremely real places, stories and things. The home of the Warrens om Rhode Island traded hands with the new owners Cory and Jennifer prior to the first movie's release, and have confirmed to have witnesses several bouts of ongoing paranormal activity. Because of this, they have allowed Brother Frank TV to film a virtual tour of the house both during the day and at night for fans to visit.

The tour even includes a look at some creepy Raggedy Ann dolls, an actual cemetery in the grounds, and several Ouija boards. It's definitely worth a look!

The Paris Catacombs

One of Paris' most macabre and famous tourist spots has to be the catacombs. Used as an overflow for cemeteries in Paris during the 19th century there is rumoured to be over six million bodies housed in the abandoned quarry and tunnels and has been used by French resistance fighters during World War 2, amongst other historical events. Stretching over 186 miles you can now walk the skull lined underground hallways from the comfort of your home via the Catacombes de Paris official website.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant

I have always wanted to visit the abandoned area of Chernobyl in Prypiat which was the site of a powerful explosion at the nuclear power plant in April 1986. Still radioactive today, the area was evacuated and never recovered but has been a source of tourism for excited individuals for years. Made more popular with the stellar HBO mini-series tourists started to flock to the site of the original explosion, but now you can beat the crowds with your very own 360 virtual tour.

You can watch the tour on Youtube.

The Shining Hotel

Stephen King's epic book The Shining was created into an amazing movie in the late 1980s starring Jack Nicholson, and the Stanley Hotel was the location for some of the most iconic movie scenes ever, including the distinct patterned carpet in the hallway where young Danny rides his tricycle, and even the elevator full of blood.

Well fans of Stephen King and The Shining can now take a virtual tour of The Stanley Hotel and walk the eerie corridors searching for spooky twins from the ease of Youtube. Are you game?

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