The Hygge Witch Handbook!

There are many different kinds of witches that focus their magic on the hearth and home, but Halloween Queen and horror author Courtney Hope has shed a light on a whole new practicing lifestyle – the Hygge Witch. Hygge is the Danish concept of feeling cosy and comfortable, creating a sense of well-being and contentment, and slowing down to enjoy these moments. Courtney has lived her life in the pursuit of hygge – of warm woollen socks by the fire, of cosy nights with a nose in a book and a glass of red wine in hand – but now with the welcoming and peaceful vibration of the home, conducting magical practices have never felt more rewarding and successful. From cleansing and purifying the house itself, to decorating according to comfort and vibration, to conducting spells that promote the warm visions of hygge, join Courtney on her journey into the Hygge Witch and see that magic has never been more welcoming.

That's right my dear readers, I have been a busy little bee during the COVID-19 work from home saga and joined in the millions of other people who embarked on their creative pursuits during this time. I decided to focus my efforts on my most recent studies into witchcraft and my move into manifesting and practicing as a hygge witch - my own defined version of a House Witch or a Hearth Witch.

In this 65 page handbook I take you through how to cleanse and purify your home, how to decorate in a hygge fashion, and heaps of different spells and craft work that you can do that align with the Hygge Witch way. I'll take you through the different timings of your spells, different kitchen witchery, and some of the best ways to live a hygge life.

Available for purchase from my Etsy store for only $5.49, you can also pick up copies of Secrets of a Party Planner, Cosmic Decay: Contamination, and Cosmic Decay: Debris for the best and personal prices! Stay tuned as well for a special collab with Canberra witch creator Natalie from Simply Magick Co as well!

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