Out-Of-The-Box Horror Films On Shudder

Forget scrolling through the same tired horror movies on Stan and Netflix - Shudder has officially landed in Australia and I can't wait to sink my teeth into some exclusive horrors!

Shudder is a brand new streaming service that comes as a brainchild from AMC (You know, the channel that produces The Walking Dead) and features nothing but high-quality, spine-tingling classics and original films and TV series. It includes titles such as the Hellraiser series, the {Rec} series, international horror films like Dumplings and Wyrmwood, the Halloween series, and a whole bunch of indie, cult classic and terrifying films.

I am so excited to have Shudder available to me for the October 31st horror movie challenge, but there's a few projects I have started watching before October hits, and if you are looking for something to keep you entertained here are some of the best and less well known shows to watch on the service.


This 2012 film is a strange and freaky concept that horror buffs will be fascinated to watch. The movie follows an employee named Sid at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. It's like buying Britney Spears' used tissues or Justin Timberlake's chewed gum on eBay but commercialised. Sid supplies illegal samples of these viruses by making himself sick and getting the samples out that way, but when he becomes infected with the disease that kills super sensation Hannah Geist, Syd becomes a target for collectors and rabid fans as he unravels the mystery surrounding her death before he suffers the same fate.

Creepy and obsessive, it's also super interesting to know that all of the blood drawing scenes in the film are actually real!


Yummy is a 2019 zombie horror film that sets a pretty picture for Shudder streaming, as it is quite the orgy of blood, guts, and weirdness. Set in an Eastern European hospital in a mixture of a fake Balkinese language and English, this film follows a young woman who is headed to a dodgy hospital for a breast reduction and with her comes her supportive boyfriend and her cosmetic surgery obsessed mother. However, when her boyfriend stumbles across a gagged woman strapped to an operating table, he unwittingly unleashes an outbreak of zombies into the hospital.

Yummy is exactly the kind of pseudo-horror that works extremely well outside mainstream horror movies like Monsterfests' Satanic Panic and Porno. There are scenes where a man recovering from penis enlargement surgery tries to have a sex with another patient, only for his dick to be set on fire and fall off after being super blasted with a fire extinguisher. A zombie chases a woman with her lower legs completely gone, her intestines moving across the floor in a flurried pool of blood and arms. A liposuction patient gets the fat reversed back into them until they explode.

It's gory, it's campy, it's exactly what Shudder is all about.


Husk is a 2011 horror film that was based off of a short film by the show's director. Starring Aussie actress Tammin Sursok, the movie follows a group of friends who veer off road in an accident while driving through cornfields on their way to a lake house. With a damaged car and a missing friend, the group brave the huge stalks of corn to reach a farmhouse in the middle of the fields and get help, only to discover that the home is abandoned and left to the sinister past of the farmers that used to live there. As a strange curse sees the friends attacked by creepy looking scarecrows (think Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark) they discover that they need to get out alive or risk turning in to one of the scarecrows haunting the fields.

Husk is a pretty basic horror movie premise, but it really pulls itself off. The cinematography in the cornfields is beautiful and honestly who wouldn't love to go running through husks of corn to escape a deranged killer? No? Maybe that's just me...

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

This 2010 TV series was weird, cliche and borderline offensive, but a rocking good ride for lovers of horror, comedy and bad 80's cliches. Following a group of unlikely friends thrown together (including a stoner metal head named Todd, his quasi-goth crush Jenny, his one armed friend Curtis and geeky Hannah) they try to track down a mayhem-causing Satanic spell book that is given to them by their evil Satanic cult member guidance counsellor Atticus. The show follows the group as the spell book travels around the school, giving students wishes and then creating disastrous consequences out of them.

The consequences are the part that is weird and wacky, including a Goth girl creating zombies from her favourite rock and roll singers who eat her parents, a pair of lesbian incesty twins fighting over Jenny, a bullied gay student suddenly finds himself making all the other students gay and him straight, and a student with a tiny dick is given Medusa like powers when he asks the book for an enlargement. Yep, this is the kind of weird things Shudder is into as a streaming service, but the hilarious character of Atticus and the addition of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob puts Todd and the Book of Pure Evil into a watchable category.

Now Shudder obviously has so many movies available for you to screen that it would be hard to mention heaps of the best ones. Stick around for the October 31 Day Horror Movie Challange to learn more about Shudder's offerings!


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