Smoke Bomb Pumpkins

Need a new idea for your Halloween party, or even your Halloween themed photo shoots? Why not try out the awesome trend of utilising smoke bombs in your carved pumpkins? It's easy, and today I am going to show you how.

First off, you need to carve your pumpkin. Make it as creepy or as kooky as you would like, but I find making a classic pumpkin with sharp teeth makes the smoke really pop. Follow the usual steps of carving a pumpkin but setting your design on the pumpkin in either ink or pins, cut the top off and remove the pumpkin guts, and then use the knife to carve the shape of the pumpkin.

Smoke bombs are pretty easy to buy, so make sure you get yours ordered in time before your party or your photo shoot. Go to websites such as Coloured Smoke to chose the smoke bomb you want. Once the smoke bomb arrives, and the pumpkin is carved, and the day has arrived, simply follow the instructions that were provided with your smoke bomb. Insert the smoke bomb into the hole you carved at the top of your pumpkin, and let the smoke fly!

And while you're at it, it's probably best if you score some extra smoke bombs to add to your decorations, such as coming out of cauldrons and other freaky Halloween decorations.

Please note: Use all smoke bombs with appropriate safety precautions as outlined when purchasing the smoke bomb.

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