The Best Supernatural Episodes Of All Time

The Eric Kripke TV show Supernatural is coming to an end with it's final episode "Carry On" released on November 15th 2020. Saying goodbye to the beloved show - which has spanned fifteen seasons, over 300 hundred episodes, and an army of fans - has proven difficult because it's not just the supernatural themed exploits and hot characters that the fans love - it's the unwavering connection to family that made this the longest running TV show next to The X-Files.

The perfect recipe of a TV show was extremely popular amongst the female and men-loving world and the stars Jared Padelecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins created a world that was filled with action and intrigue, as well as a hell of a lot of heart. If you want to know more about why "Family don't end in blood" you can read about it on my website But today I wanted to pay tribute to the best episodes of the series with a handy listicle so that you can keep visiting the world of the Winchester brothers. Please note of course, these are the episodes that I personally find the best, so if you have different opinions drop me a comment below!

Pilot, Season 1 Episode 1

The pilot episode is always the starting point that can catapult you to success or failure, and Supernatural's pilot definitely set the show up for success. The boys are particularly hot in this episode, you get a glimpse into the normal life of Sam (Jared Padelecki) and brings the boys together for their ultimate demon-hunting adventures with the death of Sam's girlfriend Jessica. This is what started it all, and after 300 episode we thank the episode that did. However, this episode, to me, has to be one of the most quintessential Supernatural episodes of all time. Featuring a ghostly woman who appears out of the fog on dark and desolate roads, this is the episode I think of every time I drive at night. The ghost is sexy, the story is classic - you can't get this one out of your head!

Dead in the Water, Season 1, Episode 3

The first episodes are always the best, and while this episode can easily be overlooked, I found it a great episode that set up the dynamic between the brothers.When something in a small town lake begins attacking innocent people, Sam and Dean go on their third hunt ever to find out what is happening. I also love this episode because when Dean dives into the lake to save a child it sets my ovaries on fire!

Phantom Traveler, Season 1, Episode 4

Sam and Dean investigate a haunting of a black box on a crashed plane and discover that the demon is picking off the plane's survivors. This is a great episode because while we get to see Sam face a lot of his fears during the show, this is really one of the only times we get to see Dean terrified, and it's the best face ever.

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 and 2, Season 2, Episode 21 and Episode 22

The culmination of two years of hunting down the yellow eyed demon who killed their mother and Jessica comes to a head in the season 2 finale. With the first "death" of one of the Winchester boys (Sam) comes the sale of Dean's soul which sets the series up for future adventures. Plus, with the Gates of Hell opening it finalises the most classic Hell-style arch that all supernatural-themed episodes seem to build to. It's heavy-hitting emotionally, and damn well done!

Mystery Spot, Season 3, Episode 11

Mystery Spot became one of the most classic comedy style episodes of Supernatural as the Trickster Demon sets a curse on Sam to be stuck in a Groundhog Day style version of living the same day over and over again. The thing is, Dean dies in hilariously cartoonish ways every day, including being hit from above from a falling piano, being electrocuted (complete with neon glowing bones).

Lazarus Rising, Season 4, Episode 1

The first episode of the fourth season sees Dean coming back from the dead for the first time after being dragged to Hell by Hellhounds after not being able to get out of his soul pact he made to save Sam in season 2's finale. This is a crucial episode for the future of the series as it introduces the angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins) as well as the start of the Heaven/Hell battles of the future. Castiel's entrance is epic, Sam's sexual tension with his real-life wife Genevieve Padelecki is hectically hot and it's probably one of the most crucial episodes to the storyline.

Changing Channels, Season 5, Episode 8

Most episodes with the Trickster Demon are a riotous good time and get to expand the Winchesters into the funny boys that fans know and love, so it's no surprise that season 5's Trickster Demon episode sets the boys up into some crazy situations. Through a montage of TV Show parodies, such as being in an embarrassing commercial, taking a role as a hot doctor in "Dr. Sexy" and getting hit in the groin on a Japanese game show, this episode is meme and gif gold!

Two Minutes To Midnight, Season 5, Episode 21

This episode makes the list purely on the introductory scene of the character of Death, which is absolutely visually stunning and chill-inducing as he slow-motion walks into a pizzeria to the tune of a haunting melody of "O Death".. Sam and Dean try to track down the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The French Mistake, Season 6, Episode 15

This episode is a hell of a ride for Supernatural fans as Sam and Dean are sent to an alternative universe where their lives are actually a TV show called Supernatural and they are their real life counterparts. Even going so far as bringing co-star and real life wife Genevieve Padelecki back into the episode, this series gives the die hard fangirls a taste of reality - and they fucking loved it.

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, Season 7, Episode 14

Playing into the now beloved fear of clowns that Sam has, this rainbow splatter episode sees Sam and Dean fighting against the person fears of children that becomes a reality and reunites Sam with an evil clown that he has to face. Not to mention, this episode also has a unicorn in it, so awesome!

The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Season 7, Episode 20

Every female character that appears in Supernatural ends up getting killed off very ceremoniously because of the fandom's extremely undying love for the Winchester boys. However, Eric Kripke hit pay dirt with the introduction of the character Charlie (played by Felicia Day). This fun, nerdy hacker was an instant favourite of the fan girls though because wisely Charlie was written as a lesbian - shown in the way that Dean has to help her flirt her way past a security guard.

Blood Brother, Season 8, Episode 5

This episode flashbacks to Dean and Sam's lives while Dean was stuck in Purgatory and introduces the charming and roguish vampire Benny with a vintage style. Dean and Benny team up to try and find a vampire nest and help Benny's lost wife, and it brings back into the fold the classic nature of the first couple of seasons where it is all about hunting classic monsters rather than a Heaven/Hell battle.

Fan Fiction, Season 10, Episode 5

Early in the series it becomes well-known that the brothers adventures are depicted in a Supernatural horror novel series written by the character Chuck (who is also God!). The book series is extremely popular and referenced multiple times in the show, from the boys attending a fandom conference and even getting super fans, but the season ten episode of a haunting in a theatre brings the series to a head because the play that is being put on is based on the series. With little versions of Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby running around, this episode is the cute kind of twist that fans love!

Baby, Season 11, Episode 4

As the series travels along Kripke started to get creative and there wasn't anything more uniquely shot than Baby. This episode is chronicled completely from the beloved Impala's perspective, including a horrendous fight scene that sees her completely smashed up, as well as a few liaison's in her backseat.

The Vessel, Season 11, Episode 14

This episode freaks me out a little bit because it's on a submarine, but it's pretty cool. Lucifer sends Sam and Dean back in time to 1944 to retrieve the Hand of God to destroy Amara, but it is on a navel submarine that is destined to sink. With time of the essence, Dean has to convince a Woman of Letters to give him the weapon.

ScoobyNatural, Season 13, Episode 16

One of the best comedic alternate universe episodes there is, Sam, Dean and Castiel are transported into the animated world of Scooby Doo, where they join forces with the Scooby Doo gang to solve a ghostly mystery and escape the television. With Dean drooling over Daphne, Velma drooling over Sam, and Dean saying that he "would take a bullet for that dog" (ie. Scooby Doo) this episode was amazing from start to finish.

Notable Episodes:

They're not all the creme de la creme, but some episodes are a wild ride that need mentioning:

  • Tombstone, Season 13, Episode 6

  • LOTUS, Season 12, Episode 8

  • Rock Never Dies, Season 12, Episode 7

  • Just My Imagination, Season 11, Episode 8

  • Thin Lizzie, Season 11, Episode 5

  • The Purge, Season 9, Episode 13

  • Everybody Hates Hitler, Season 8, Episode 13

  • Hunter Heroici, Season 8 Episode 8

  • Party On Garth. Season 7, Episode 18

  • Shut Up Dr Phil. Season 7, Episode 5

  • Monster Movie, Season 4 Episode 5

  • I Believe The Children Are Our Future, Season 5, Episode 6

  • Everybody Loves A Clown, Season 2 Episode 2

  • Crossroad Blues, Season 2, Episode 8

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