The Horror Hit List For 2021

2021 is a welcome sight after the real life horrors of 2020 - Black Mirror even said they wouldn't release a TV show season during 2020 because we were all "living it" (And then they did Death to 2020) - and there are a lot of things to get excited about as the entertainment industry gets back into production. To start off the year, I've decided to put together a 2021 horror hit list of all the entertaining projects that you need to watch out for this year!


This horror movie is due to hit cinemas around the 19th February, but I've been frothing at the mouth for this film since early in 2020. Antlers comes from the mind of Guillermo del Toro and is a supernatural horror about a young boy who is holding on to some terrifying secrets about an ancient ancestral creature. Starring Keri Russell, this could be a great film for the 31 Day October Horror Movie Challenge in 2021.


A re-imagining reboot of the Saw and Jigsaw series, Spiral is expected for release in May 2021 and stars Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson as detectives who are investigating a series of murders that are reminiscent of the city's gruesome path with John Kramer, ie. the Jigsaw killer. Chris Rock is actually the producer and writer of this new series, as well as the star!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Fans weren't too keen on the girls only take of the cult classic Ghostbusters (and they were wrong tbh) so with their demands for the original has come the new generation sequel of the original Ghostbusters franchise. Ghostbsuters: Afterlife stars Finn Wolfhard and Paul Rudd who find out that their grandfather was an original ghostbuster. Due for release in June, this one has some big shoes to fill so I'm interested to see how fans react to the new generation, rather than a female one.


The 'sequel' of the classic 1992 horror film will be released in August 2021 and will focus on the dark legend of the Candyman in the now gentrified Chicago neighbourhood. When an artist hears about the gruesome legend he decides to open the door to use the macabre details in his new art series, only to discover the legend is terrifyingly true.

Halloween Kills

After the new generation of Halloween turned out to be a success, the franchise continues with Halloween Kills, out in October to get your chill factor going. Starring original final girl Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer, Halloween Kills will have Michael Myers slow-walking his way back into Laurie Strode's life in what seems like will not be the last chapter, as the 2022 follow up Halloween Ends has just recently been announced!

Escape Room 2

Picking up where Escape Room left off, not much is known about the sequel to this horror take on the Escape Room puzzles, but if the ending had anything to say about it, the two remaining survivors of the original Escape Room horror want to make the creators pay - and something tells me they are going to be led through some very nasty traps in order to enact that revenge.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story will be back for 2020 and creator Ryan Murphy has already started teasing the new cast and the new storyline. Set to include alumni actors such as Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson. Lily Rabe, Billy Lourd, Angelica Ross and Kathy Bates, the show is also welcoming Macaulay Culkin to the show. Not much is known about the theme other than "things are beginning to wash up on sure" but wew know it's going to be spine-tinglingly good!


After the shitty reboot and the fact that the franchise was still going, it has been announced that Child's Play will be getting it's own TV show, because streaming is everything. A vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, only for horrific murders to begin to take place and shine light on the town's hypocracies and secrets. With the original Brad Dourif coming back to play Chucky, and Jennifer Tilly on board as well, this is going to be "re-imaging" we wanted!

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